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  2. If you no one answers and you don't have a book that teaches the one handed reverse fan, then you are more likely to find a tutorial from youtube, there's plenty high quality tutorials there also though MOST(98% is pure crap)
  3. Well I'm not looking for a reverse fan, just a fan that looks like that shape. Almost a 180. I don't care if the pips show or not. Any ideas of were to learn this.
  4. I think you should look into the carnahan fan buy dan & dave. You can get it from there sites on demand videos. I think it fits what your looking for.
  5. Yea, I'm planning on getting the Trilogy soon, and can't wait to learn that, but I'm looking for the kind I explained. I want it to look like that, although it doesn't have to be a reverse fan. Just a one handed fan in that shape...
  6. Surprised no-one has has given an decent answer yet.

    The one hand fan can be learnt on
    Jerry's Encyclopedia of Playing card flourishes and many other beginner DVD's. The on Demand also teaches you how to do it as well.

    I learn't mine of Cardshark88 on youtube 2 years ago (go ahead and flame me). His tutorial is slow and straight forward which is great, however the handling is a bit off.
  7. Thanks, I'll check that Jerry's Encyclopedia of Playing card flourishes out. I may get the On Demand too...

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