original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

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  1. "i have a method for every phase, and were thought of within 3 minutes, and tried out.

    now tell me that dsnt sound cocky.

  2. I think people should stop trying to make new effects and start trying to make the old effects new. I don't care if you can make a folded up elephant appear between the two red aces. Most people would still just film this on a blurry webcam pointed at their groin to the sound of some equally talented rapper.
  3. Yes, it was cocky- for a reason. To say to you, big freakin' deal, "you may or may not release it"- if I could think of a method in a matter of minute,s why are you showcasing this like it's something COMPLETELY new and incredible.
  4. i was asking for opinions and advice. not to showcase and act like im a big shot magician which im not. i dont want to start a forum argument cause they are pointless and immature. if i was a cocky fag to you in anyway, i apologize.

  5. I agree with you...I went a little too far though to be honest.

    I'd be happy to look over your methods and give you some advice if you'd like.
  6. Have you tried this for people yet?

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    yes and i got some great reactions. but the methods need a bit of tweeking. its a bit to sketchy lol.

    Randomwrath:the sandwhich concept has been around for a very long time. its an old concept. so basically, this trick is a new version of an old concept. which is exactly what u sed people should do."stop trying to make new effects and start trying to make the old effects new." i suggest you do some more research and try again. P.S: i dont like rap music :D
  8. I am well aware of this. I wasn't talking about making new versions of old effects, I was talking about presentation. About why YOUR performances are better than everyone else's. And it's not because you can make a folded up card jump between two sets of aces. It's because you make a trick worth watching. And unless every trick you already do is the best it can, you don't need more, sketchy material.

    Please note that this wasn't intended as a bash, merely my opinion on inventing new tricks. Also, I am in no way suggesting that all my tricks are the best they can be. However I am aiming to get there.

    Good. That's one less people for the assassins to vis*COUGH*Oh look, a UFO!
  9. first of all, thank you for not intending to bash. secondly, i never mentioned anything on how to present it. its a description of the effect. i have patter and a performance routine for this effect. i would gladly share it with you. just send me a pm.


    EDIT: and btw, you didnt mention a thing about presentation on your other post.
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