original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

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    a pretty cool sandwich effect.

    the spectator selects a card and signs it. its then buried into the deck. the performer says hell get the 2 red aces to help find their card. earily, a folded up card begins to slowly pop out of the 2 red aces by itself. their signed selection. (looks like a haunted deck effect except its with 2 cards) the card is folded up again and put in between the red aces. the performer snaps his fingers and the card has vanished. the perfomer spreads through the cards and finds the folded up card now inbetween the black aces.

    no gimmicks.
    completley examinable.

    pm me if u want a method.

    tell me what you guys think.

  2. It depends on your mood lol? Cocky much? :rolleyes:
  3. lol. no its just that sumtimes i feel like giving tricks and sumtimes i dont XD
  4. Mmmmhmmm...
  5. lol. so wat do u think of the trick?

  6. I figured a control to the bottom and a Mercury fold would do the trick.
  7. pretty much lol.

  8. Completely original, new concept? Really, do more research before you make claims like these...
  9. i said i think.

  10. kindly teach me how to do it , friend..

    hope i'll learn it from you..:)
  11. Advice?

    I might give it. I might not.

    Depends what mood I'm in.


  12. Epic ownage.

    Anyway, sounds kinda cool, not really original though.
  13. lol. Good to see you around, G.
  14. lol at G. that part did sound pretty corney lol.

  15. Yes, I'm back. In bl-white.


  16. The quote by steerpike in my signature basically sums up my thoughts about your post. I'm guessing it's an idea which you've come up with maybe last week and are convinced it's something absolutely astounding.

    I have a method for every phase, and were thought of within 3 minutes, and tried out. Stop being so cocky!
  17. i never sed it was a gud effect. i dont recall saying that i was expert. i was just asking for advice and what people thought of it. and the reason that i want to give it away to some people is so that they can try it and give me advice on how to work on it. so why dnt YOU stop being so cocky.

  18. You've dug yourself in a hole and are trying to get out, I understand. But seriously , don't claim something completely original and on top of that say you may or may not give out he method . you sound likethe cockiest person on the planet. I'm fully sure you know you came off an an a**hole but are just trying to cover it up.
  19. Sounds cool enough:D

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