Other forms of manipulation?

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    Anyone do any other types of manipulations besides cards?

    Penspinning (that's me :))
    Dice Stacking
    CD Manipulation
    Sport Stacking
    Speed cubing
    Ring Manipulation
    Zippo Manipulation

    just to name a couple
  2. Ring Manipulation
  3. I'm picking up zippo lighter manipulation, trying to make up cell-phone manipulation (not inspired by the blackjack commercial), and I'm thinking about picking up butterfly knives and ring manipulation.
  4. ...Poker chips?
  5. Whatever you want to manipulate. It is all possible.

    I choose the minds of others, aside from cards.
  6. pen spinning(nearly a year already)
    speed cubing(it got boring after half a year)
  7. I've seen people manipulate everything from crackers to gum. I, personally, manipulate minds on a regular basis. :D

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