Outlaw Hideout Wallet


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Oct 27, 2010
I felt this wallet deserves a review on one of the most credable magic site's so here goes. I have seen many questions on here regarding mentalism wallets, hope this review will end all doubts.

1. It's a regular full size bi-fold hip pocket wallet made from quality black leather.
2. It's primary functions are multiple outs/ Indexing and built in peek!
3. This wallet has 20 pockets, two of them gaffed for the built in peek, 8 pockets that are "hidden" and they're not in the bill compartment. The bill compartment is not gaffed.
4. It has pockets that are wide enough to hold business cards, credit cards, and all the effects sold by Outlaw. Nine pockets of the 20 are deep enough to completely conceal a playing card.
5. It can be set up as a switching wallet. The wallet duplicates itself (don't ask)
6. The billfold compartment is deep enough to easily hold British currency (the wide stuff ).
7. There are hidden pockets that can hold playing cards, be used for indexing, multiple outs, and a fell 16 card KK routine.
8. There is a built in self contained Outlaw peek function inside the wallet!
9. It is so simple yet so devious.
10. A devastating addition to your arsenal!

Received my HOW and all I can say is wow.
The quality is stunning, it looks like and indeed is a high end wallet in every respect, the magnetic closure is like the door of a Bentley closing and it lives up to everything they promise.
The peek feature, works like a champ. Holds your full KK routine plus much much more.
Throw all your other wallets away, the HOW is the new benchmark. A superb wallet in everyway."

The HOW retains the rectangular billfold shape and is constructed of good quality leather that you just know will last. There is a single billfold section running the entire length and depth of the wallet - fantastic for putting my over sized UK bank notes as well as extra goodies in.

The middle of the wallet is a swing flap, on one side of which are credit card slots, the other side being an ID window. This is the basis of the peek and was my first brush with the 'new technology'. What can I say, other than it's fantastic fun!

The HOW peek works so well in, what is primarily a multiple-out wallet it speaks volumes for the care and attention lavished on it.

The Hideout is one of the most versatile mentalist wallets I've seen. The creative possibilities for effective 'impromptu' work are endless. High quality work and well thought out.

Best of all this wallet holds money well and in a normal manner, which cannot be said for some wallets on the market.

This is the best mentalism wallet on the market at the moment, and at an amazingly agreeable price. I always have mine - where is yours?"

Great wallet, great customer service. 'Nuff said."
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