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    Hi guys! Welcome to my review for Passing Thru by Kevin Parker.
    I gotta say I was not disappointed with the trick. Now, the quality of the instructional video could have been better, but the trick itself was great.
    Now, KP asked me to answer some specific questions, so here goes:

    How quick and easy it is to set up:

    I’d say the setup is extremely easy. Once you’ve made the gimmick, its pretty easy to carry it in your pocket, and with just a minute of preparation (or none, depends which version you are using), perform instantly.

    How quick and easy it is to reset:

    The reset is instant if you use borrowed objects, and only minimal if you use your own.
    The coolest thing is the fact that you can hand the bottle to someone after finishing, and yet still be able to borrow another bottle and perform the effect instantly.

    If it assumes any level of prior knowledge:

    Hardly. I guess you might need a tiny bit of misdirection, but even that is minimal.

    What venues it is applicable to:

    You could easily pull this off in a restaurant or bar, but in my opinion the best scenario you be in the street. Picture this: You walk up to someone, borrow a bottle, and a coin. You visually sink THEIR coin into THEIR bottle. You freely show the coin inside, hand them the bottle for keeps, and walk away.

    What magic styles it is applicable to:

    I really can’t see you performing this on stage, or even stand up. But it is perfect for Close-Up.

    Anything you thought you would be able to do with it but couldn't:

    I confronted this trick with an open mind, so I really wasn’t expecting anything. But I wish the coin could be signed, although it really doesn’t matter.

    Anything you thought you wouldn't be able to do with it but could:

    I did not expect to be able to borrow the bottle and coin, so that was a huge plus for me.

    The reason you bought the trick:

    I really liked the fact that it was a visual coin through bottle effect. This is what really convinced me to buy the effect.

    Pros vs. Cons:

    - Very visual
    - Both objects can be borrowed.

    - The quality of the video could have been better.


    Visual: 9/10
    Practical: 7/10
    Quality: 5/10

    Total: 8/10

    Be sure to check out Passing Thru at

    I hope you enjoyed this review, and ill see you next time.


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