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  1. yeh i saw your performance on youtube nice video by the way
  2. i love the Grey Shuffle. it looks smoother than doing the Heinstein shuffle. now i have two in the hands false shuffles to play with.
  3. Oh, thanks. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to take out the few curse words from the reactions in order to post it on Theory11 and other magic sites. It was really meant for a school project but it turned out to be really good. lol :)
  4. I just put in my order for Ben Earle's Past Midnight, I cannot wait to get it.
  5. i hope you like it. the grey shuffle is great. plus it will introduce you to stacks if you havent been already. its alot of stuff and goes into detail about the nuances on making certain moves look like they are not moves. there is so much stuff on there that if you are into cards or want to use cards as a medium for mentalism, you are going to get something out of it.
  6. I got it in the mail a couple days ago. My goodness this set is filled with great stuff. I mix ramjallock method in with card to pocket. What is amazing about this set is you can take the methods and techniques you obtain from the set to a lot of other things. Highly Highly Recommended. I'm getting very good at the Grey Shuffle by the way.
  7. Well, I was pretty amazed by Mr. Earle's thoughts on Triumph... My god... What a brilliant idea and handling... By far my most favorite tricks of this set...
  8. Is there anyway to just by one DVD? I'm only interested in disc 3
  9. I 2nd that request.

  10. I am sure you have to buy it as a set. However there is a lot of useful stuff on all the discs even for the mentalist.
  11. Do you mean sleights and knowledge like stacking, false shuffles, controls, etc?

    Btw any recommendation from D ICE R is a genuine thumbs up for me =) It's just that the price of this set is way past my budget.'

  12. Thankyou for the kind words.

    There is something about the teaching in this DVD that I love. Most people will say he rushes over things and he does to an extent, however each and every one of the routines he spends more time on the psychological method of making the effect work more so than the physical method.

    For example in one of the collectors routines he says something like. Any selection and control method can be used as long as the cards end up on the bottom, personally I use the cull. Whilst this is a fairly blunt method to an effect but most people use know the handling of a cull and there are many places to look for it. However though out the explanation he talks about when to palm the cards when you load the cards and so much more.

    If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I will help you out as best I can.
  13. That's quite rare for me, most tricks nowadays focus on "how it's done" rather than "why it achieves the effect". I guess he must be a good mentalism teacher then.
    When I have enough money (or start making money), I shall not hesitate to ask you a plethora of questions. Be ready.


  14. I am always ready:D

    i just sent you a pm.
  15. I don't doubt that there is a plethera of knowledge throughout the whole set. The material on the other two, although genius, do not intirigue me as much. Mentalism facinates me, and although I'm not much of a mentalist, having some mentalism effects in my arsenal would be awesome, especially ones of this high a caliber.
    This is what I'm talking about, more so "why" the trick works than "how" it works. And I could be contradicting myself here by saying that I dont want the two other discs but I like the material on them, I do enjoy seeing the thought and how things come together in an effect. Like how a set up gives you a certain situation after different slieghts.

    I'll look into buying one individually more, thank you for the help.

    Your boy,
  16. top of my Christmas list
    ive been wanted this set for sometime

    cant wait
  17. Sorry to bring back a dead thread but I recently got this series and it is amazing. Possibly my favorite effect in the whole dvd is Pseudo Brainwave. It is so simple and yet so powerful.

    I definitely recommend this product to anyone who hasnt bought it yet.

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