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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PatrickKun, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. [video=youtube;0olNMW6fPgs][/video]

    My take on Traveller plot done stand up with climax. Hope you enjoy!

    Larry Jennings
    Eric Jones
    Brian Tudor
    Homer Liwag
  2. Beautiful work my man. I enjoyed it.
  3. wow nice presentation and well done Patrick , you are a pro !!!
  4. I loved this so much I'm posting my thumbs up on two different forums!;)
  5. Awesome! Quick, visual, had that snap to it!
  6. Thank you eostresh. Really appreciated it!
  7. did you not post a version of this a while ago? In any case, wonderful improvements. It was pretty kickass. I would would on the double at the kicker reveal though. In any case, cheers!
  8. Yes, I had a version a while ago. This one has some change and improvement. Sorry I didn't get what you mean by would would on the double... Can you rephrase that?
  9. hahaha i ment "would work" sorry mane! Yes this version is a MUCH better improvement on the last! Cheers!
  10. that is hot.
  11. Thank you guys!

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