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  1. Latley I've been trying to do most of the magic I do with everyday objects, and one of the objects that seems most common is the pen so I was wondering if anyone knew of any sources on magic with just regular Bic pens?
  2. There are so many resources for pens. I would recommend going to one of the larger magic sites such as Elmwood Magic, MJM Magic, and/or Hank Lee's Magic Factory and search for "Pen, pen magic, and/or pen trick".

    Hope I helped!

  3. Mitchell gave some very good resources so check those sites out.

    If you don't mind a gimmicked pen then you can get the Pen Thru Anything. Simple to use, great impact and will last a long time.

    I believe numerous retailers sell the same effect or one's similar to it.

  4. I know its not magic but what about pen spinning? Its cool and you can add this to your flourishing videos.
  5. Recapped from the Art of Astonishment Vol 1. AoA also has a healthy amount of effects for everyday items in general.


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