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  1. Hey guys,

    Connor here with a new shift. Once I get around to doing some legitimate research, I'll probably film the tutorial, and put it up. I haven't done enough to know if this is actually mine yet, but I figured I'd show you all anyways. Also, as a note on the quality, I didn't have my lighting equipment so I had to ride up the ISO to make up for the darkness (which is why it's grainy). If you watch in 720, it makes up for some of the poor quality, and also helps the darkness. Hopefully you guys can get past that, as this is merely a teaser.

    Let me know if you have seen this before. If anything, it would help me pinpoint my research, and determine whether or not I've got something original.

    If anything, enjoy.
  2. it looks like a pass :eek:

    but it looks pretty cool
  3. Well, despite my lack of knowledge in how to do research, I can safely say it isn't a pass. That I know how to do.
  4. Looks awesome. Is it angle sensitive?
  5. is the selection the only card that moves? or does the deck change order? if it changes order then it's a pass. if the selection is the only one that moves then it's pretty sweet and I've never seen it before.
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    It is about as angle sensitive as the pass, meaning if you get it fast enough, you should be able to work it from a variety of strange angles. That said, it will be initially rather difficult to use from more than a few angles.

    As for CDXX, it's a shift, meaning the whole pack is changing order, though it isn't a pass. It's a shift. That's what a shift is. Kind of like the rectangle square rule.

    A pass is a shift, but not every shift is a pass.


  7. I watched the video and seen a pass.....
  8. Please see my above post.

    Also, if you're going to try to tell me something like that, at least use proper grammar.
  9. hectic, it appears you are doing a Herman pass as the hands come together with a riffle at the end. if this is indeed what you are doing, then that is not original. many people have done variations on the herman pass and others have published works on executing a pass when the hands come together. Not sure what is original here. maybe you can shed some light?

    Just on the technique, I would suggest finding a way to eliminate the sudden increase in speed.
  10. I'd rather not have people just guessing at the technique, but I can still continue to say that it isn't a pass.

    If you have thoughts about method's and places to research, PM me, but I can tell you it's not a herman pass.

    That said, I understand what you mean about the increase in speed. I fully intend to work on this for a while longer before I do anything in terms of teaching it. I honestly don't feel like I have it down enough to go teaching people. It may have been a bit early to even post a teaser like this, but I must admit, I was anxious.
  11. I see a pass; nothing more.

    ps: When you say things like:

    Make sure you don't have this sentence in the previous post...

  12. Think what you will. I've already said a few times that it isn't a pass. If you don't believe that, you don't have to post. Also, if you only posted to disagree with me and nitpick a typo, please don't bother posting.
  13. hectic your'e too cool for school bro......why don't you take your slightly altered herman pass and shove's lame NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL ! take it to magiciansklub haha
  14. If im not mistaken this is the same as Ollie Mealings Barrier Shift.
  15. Well, thank you for being rude and ignorant. You don't know how it works, and for the 4th or 5th time, it's not a pass. I don't know how to convince you otherwise without just showing you. I'm not sure how old you are nor do I care, because you act like a 12 year old. I'm just going to stop answering yours posts. Please leave the thread as you are only a disruption.

    I'll do some research, but from what I've seen so far, it isn't quite the same. Though, it does look close. Thanks for your help. I had never heard of that, and I'll be sure to check it out.

  16. Don't think this is the barrier shift, but the fact that the bottom half moves to the top using a variation of the Herman pass is the same.
  17. Again, IT'S NOT A PASS.

    Now can we please stop guessing at methods. That's not the point of this thread nor is it really something this site supports. If you have something I can research, don't hesitate to give me some places (take magicollie's post for example), or PM me if you want to divulge your thoughts on the method.
  18. Then you asked for our opinion on how it looks. My opinion is that it looks terrible and I'm not teased at all by this post. I would not buy this at all. It does not get me excited.
  19. Hectic
    I think we got off on the wrong foot let me introduce my self Red"disruption" Lawrence any way im 24 year's old I Love the art of magic more than my own mother and I enjoy creating original move's,methods, idea's, and psychology everyday of my life. considering im a high functioning autistic I might be immature and have bad grammar but the art of magic is my life, and when i see you with your shift and your so desperately trying to promote's kinda sad. This was a wasted thread and besides your motions are very unnatural nowhere near a good shift sorry man keep practicing.........And for your information i do know what your doing,what it is, how to do's.not hard to debug another magician...I've been in this game for about 13 years. Lucky me

  20. I appreciate your maturity, and your in depth response. I feel like this thread has been misunderstood. While yes, it was an attempt to slightly hype something I think I've created, it was more to find out it's originality. You must pardon me if I got a bit testy, as it is frustrating to have people tell you you're doing a pass, when in reality, it isn't. I didn't intend to insult, though looking back, it was a bit rude of me. As for the thread, I've gotten a few very helpful points of research and I've contacted some people about getting permission to use my move and perhaps, in the future, teach it. I have no intent to film a tutorial yet because honestly, you're right, I am no master of this move. I've only been doing it for 2 weeks or so and my movements are still obvious and jerky. I've started getting some speed, but it isn't usable yet. When it is, I might release it but, until then, I'm going to make sure I'm not stealing it from anyone, which is why I made this thread to start with. It seems that the hype I thought might come along for the ride as well, didn't. I don't know if I got unlucky with who happened across it, or if it just isn't good enough to be exciting yet. I shall continue to practice until I believe I've got it down well enough to mentor other people. I do believe it is a useful move, and if anything, there will be some move monkeys that will enjoy it.

    As for me, I'm a 17 year old magician that really hasn't been doing it very long, but knows more than you might think. I too love the art (though admittedly not more than my mother). It's nice to have met you, Mr. Lawrence.

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