Penn and Teller : Perfectly Ordinary

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  1. Guys I'm very sorry for the inconvenience of the last thread that I posted. Now I have all the picture of the PERFECTLY ORDINARY DECK OF CARDS from Penn and Teller.

    striper deck
    Marked deck
    and bonus 1 gaff card. (the missing Peen 3 OF CLUBS)

  2. That's ****ing hilarious. where do you get it?

    Are the markings as obvious as they look with the three of clubs?
  3. I got those decks at their show in Vegas and the marking is very funny, take a look at the back of the cards the one Penn is there .

    (hint look at the ring on Penn and the finger on Teller and the card is 3 of Clubs)
  4. I'm going to the show tomorrow, i hope they sell em, how much are they?
  5. it's too long ago, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere between $5 and $7 dollar w/ tax
  6. I get all of my decks free from them, cause I know them, and my uncle works for them.
  7. can I have some? jkd but if you can I won't resist them. ;)
  8. They are clever.

    I would love to buy a deck, but there's no where on the internet to buy it. You have to go to their show and actually buy it there.

    Also, to get to their trick section of their website, you need a password from the deck of cards. I have yet another excuse to get to Vegas... :)
  9. LOL, I know, that was why I asked. I didn't even need a second card for comparison to see that it was marked. So, if it was held next to another card, it would be obvious there was a difference. Kinda curious how he does a Jack, etc, lol, or, hell, anything above 5.
  10. Went to the show, great show, I sort of know Teller, and he gave me a deck, they are pretty fricken cool!

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