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  1. I purchased perfect square here and id like to know what cube are the ones that came with the effect? Id like a like to were i can purchase these cubes to have some extras please. The exact one so the stickers can match.
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  2. You're not going to like it. But, if you need extras you'll have to buy the effect again. As the cubes are probably custom made.
  3. @Miguedy - ha ha - I understand your question. ID4 he doesn't want an extra gimmick. Just a normal Rubik's cube that matches in color (or closest to it) . I think ultimately it probably won't matter - as long as the cubes don't come too close to each other.

    I saw one magician got the "Dayan Zhanchi"

    But I would search ebay for rubik's cube 3x3 - sort by price and then scroll through the pictures until you think you found one that
    looks right.

    Then head over to to buy it

    Good luck
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  4. I'm pretty sure you will be able to find the right cube on eBay as Magic Orthodoxy said.

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