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  1. I'm sure this has come up before but I was wondering for those that do or did at one point perform magic as a profession or at least on the side for money. How long had you been working on magic before it became your job?
  2. For me about 2-3 months but many other people mite take longer. The reason why I took 2-3 months for me is because I don’t have any thing else going on in my life so I decided that I will become a full time magician. Remember it mite take longer.
  3. This is my 18th year entertaining semi-professionally. I am an elementary school teacher and started out just by performing for my 3rd graders at the time (2000) which quickly then spread via word of mouth to parents who then wanted me to work birthday parties.

    This led to other events and then I decided to join our local IBM ring in 2001. Many veteran performers started double booking gigs for themselves, but would then send me out to do the job and they'd take 20% of my money. I didn't care at the time because I was gaining so much valuable experience at a rapid rate and learning by jumping into the fire. Ha!
  4. I've gotten several sideshow gigs that way, Rick.

    I think I had been doing magic for about two years by the time I started taking paid gigs. It would be another couple years before I really started wanting to do magic as a serious part of my income, too.

    There's also a distinct difference between getting paid to do a show, and doing a professional level show.

    Almost anyone could do a show and get paid. That's basic level skills, there.

    But a professional level show will flow well, be adjusted on the fly to suit each audience, present a professional attitude, etc. People recognize when a show is at that level and when someone is just muddling their way through it.
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  5. That's what I meant as far as a professional level show. Or even like being hired to do walk around stuff at an event. I could muddle my way through something now but I don't think it would be very good.
  6. I think I started to do walk around and restaurant performing after I'd been seriously practicing magic for maybe 6-8 years. It's really hard to pinpoint because I've been interested in magic since I was like 7 but have also gone on a hiatus a time or two. I'm 25 now.

    I will say this, though - I've done stage "shows" ranging from 15 to 45 minutes and I have only been somewhat happy with one of them, the most recent one. I can comfortably sell walk around and be confident in what I do but I don't feel that about my stand up performances as they aren't of the professional level that Chris is talking about.

    Thankfully, with time, I feel like I'm getting closer to that in the things I write but, it still isn't there yet. People like the shows when I've done them, but it still feels like "just tricks" to me (less so now than it used to be) and that's just not good enough in my book.
  7. For me, I was always interested in magic from age 8 - 20. But then I started to learn more. I worked in a restaurant when I was 21-23. During this time I would show my tables magic to increase my tips. Then people started asking if I did shows and asked for my business card. Eventually I decided to make my first show. People kept asking me for shows and eventually I made a website. From there I got lots of traffic and bookings.
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