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  1. Hey guys! I have this problem performing. =( I mean, I'm not necessarily 'nervous' im not shaking, heart beat remains steady, but if im performing a trick or flourish my hands slip. i practice the trick/flourish for....ever.... i even do a basic double lift and my hands slip. i practice PERFECTLY and perform to my friends that know magic perfectly fine, but when i perform for laymen or some other people, my hands slip even though i've had perfect practice numerous times (like months and months) but somehow, my hands slip. so if i could get any tips? not on 'nervousness' because im not (i dont studder, shake, or ANYTHING) the only thing i do is slip a bit. so any tips? (like for a simple double lift which ive been doing for years (sometimes) slips) =( haha thanks and take care guys.

    -Eugene Soh
  2. It's a psychological thing. You have to believe with all your heart that it's not going to happen. You have to tell your self IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. Also practice alot in front of the people who slip on if there really is no other way.
  3. Double Decker is right, you have mentally conditioned yourself that when you are performing for laypeople you will slip. Believe it or not, this is a form of nervousness. You tense up because you "know" you are about to slip. First, how long have you been performing for the public and how often? The more you do, the better you will be able to deal with the slips. I suffered from nerves for a while and now that I have forced myself to go out and perform, they are gone. Keep practicing, you'll be fine.;)

  4. Help

    I remember those days, when I could do it perfectly in my room than you go out into the real world and things fall apart. First take it easy when doing flourishes remember go slow in front of the Layman as he will think its cool as long as it is smooth because he cant do that XCM is pure skill no tricks. Smooth is key. Speed comes with time. Second the shakes will go away the more you put your self in those situations, because your confidence will increase and so will your comfort. So get out there and push you comfort envelope its the only way you will get past that situation/problem. I remember learning to do the cobra cut I could do it for myself and my friends but as soon as I got up in front of a group I could not balance the top packet it was impossible I was shaking so bad. I failed many times but now after doing it so much for people it is easy as eating pie or cake whatever you like better. (I like pumpkin pie) Plus once you really screw something up you realize that it is not so scary and the fear of failure diminishes. Remember screwing up is part of learning to be a good magician, and it is how you will learn the most. So get out there and shake it like Polaroid picture trust me it will stop once you develop.:p
  5. the same thing happens to me i just tell myself to calm down and have fun

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