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  1. have you all seen Peter turners acaan? Not the one he posted on his freeform mentalism dvd and penguin lecture...the one where he never touches the cards and they belong to the other person

    Saw it a year or two ago and concluded he's using stooges who have been sworn to secrecy for life, or pure chance. But he claims there is a method.

    This can't be the case...can it? I doubt he'll ever release how it's done, but I seriously doubt there is a method to it and Peter seems like the kind of guy who doesn't mind keeping the wool pulled over our eyes
  2. There is a method

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  3. a method beyond the participant being in on it? And how do you know?
  4. He's not using a confederate , he's just very good at his job. I don't deal in other people's methods, so I'll just ask that you take my word for it. Anything else I could say would only be exposure, and I never break rule number one.

    Sometimes is fun to be fooled

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  5. It's one thing to be good at your job, but the only way such a thing would be even possible without being psychic would be to have some sort of "pre game" with the participant. If you've never seen a deck of cards before and they are in an order that neither you nor the participant know, it's impossible to know where any particular card is without psychic ability...there's no method to be had . So I guess we'll just chalk it up to there being more going on than meets the eye and leave it at that. I guess I'm using this to get my own thoughts out on paper so to speak.
  6. So, what you're basically saying is that because you can't figure out a method, it must be stooges? Otherwise it would be impossible....but surely that's the whole point! If it didn't look impossible it wouldn't be magic!

    Think of it this way: To a lay person, having the card they freely named be the only card face-down in a deck you never touched, is completely impossible. How could you have known card they would name without some 'pre game' with the participant? There is no way you could know in advance what card they would name, therefore the participant has to be a stooge. There can't be any other method to it.

    But there is. We all know what the Invisible Deck is and how it works. But to the uninitiated the method is beyond the scope of their thought process/problem solving skills, so they just assume stooges are involved. To those of us in the know, the method seems obvious.

    Just because you don't know Mr Turners method, doesn't mean there isn't one. I don't know how long you've been into magic but it come across as a bit egotistical to assume you know everything there is to know about mentalism/magic and therefore because you can't figure out a method then Mr Turner must be 'cheating' somehow. Because, obviously, no-one could possible come up with something that could fool you that badly.

    Just accept there is always going to be someone out there who can fool you....and just enjoy it! The longer you're in the game the less you will have the joy of being fooled, so enjoy it when it happens and don't ruin it for yourself.


  7. Appreciate the reply Rev.

    I've been in Magic a bit, by no means am I a seasoned professional. All the tricks you named have room for a method. A card turning face up, the invisible deck...that involves the magician touching the cards, a prop, etc, as do most magic tricks. There is room for a method, although you might not be able to figure it out you know deep down there is nothing magical actually happening...or maybe that's just me

    When you get into things like completely random decks of cards that no one knows the order of , that's completely different. Perhaps he wasn't a stoog, but at some point something had to have happened that is more than meets the eye.
  8. There is a prop involved though, a deck of cards which, even when in a random order has certain predictable properties. The video I saw of Peter doing this he did touch the deck. Also, how do you know he doesn't know the order? What's to say the method even involved sleight of hand? Maybe it was verbal deception? People often think of method and presentation as two different things but in reality sometimes the presentation is part of the method.

    Also, you don't know if Peter simply took advantage of a situation that only arose at that particular time.

    An example from personal experience: Three years back I was doing some card tricks for some friends and one of them 'challenged' me by taking my (regular) deck, shuffling it, taking out a card and remembering it, putting it back in the deck and shuffling again. He then handed me the deck and told me to find his card. Normally I wouldn't have accepted but at the time I happened to notice something I was able to take advantage of. I produced the card from the shuffled deck with no hesitation whatsoever. A miracle with no apparent method.

    Was it chance? No. Was there a method, absolutely and it's one we all definitely know. Would it work in ever scenario? Definitely not, but at that particular time I was able to take advantage of something I noticed and produce a miracle. There was still a method, but it's not something you could just 'do' at any time.

  9. You're probably right that it does involve a series of outs. I think we are thinking of different acaan though

    The one I'm referring to is the one he does on skype where he tells the participant to find any deck of cards they own that they don't know the order of. He then tells them to name a card and number. The participant deals down that number of cards and the card they named is there.

    He never touches the cards because he's not even in the same state as them.
  10. Mr book, are you referring to the acaan he does over Skype when you say there's as method? Where he uses the spectators card and never touches them? not the video on YouTube of him in a bar
  11. Definitely not familiar with that method.

    One that is "similar" in that you use a deck you haven't touched is Patrick Redford's ACAAN, Hands Off. I own it, and in the right conditions it can play pretty big. Especially if you perform it exactly how he teaches you to perform it.

    I'll have to check out this performance of Peter Turner's (could you please share a link?). I watched his first volume of Freeform Mentalism and thought it was okay but found the production values distracting.
  12. Whatsup Tyler. Unfortunately the video of him performing the infamous skype method with the participants supposedly totally random deck of cards has been removed from YouTube for unknown reasons. You can still read people talking about it here though. I still cannot believe there is a method regardless of what these people who supposedly experienced it may say
  13. Thanks for the link!

    I believe he is going to reveal a similar method to what you mentioned in his second Penguin lecture. I'm excited for it to come out.
  14. Peter did the version of ACAAN over skype with me with my deck. I recorded the Skype session...and oh my, it is amazing.
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  15. Post it Charlie!
  16. Did anyone catch the Peter turner penguin lecture today? Supposedly he's revealing the fate can acaan trick. I'm not sure which version it is, is it the one he does on skype? Would be interested to hear . Thanks!
  17. I just watched it! The man is a freaking genius! I think I may attempt to try his ACAAN out at sometime. If I do, I will share it with you guys.
  18. Can you please describe the acaan he teaches? Not reveal it , just go into detail about whose cards they are, if they're shuffled, if he touches the cards, etc. he has so many versions I don't want to buy it unless it's the one I want. Thanks
  19. So he teaches a couple of different ACAANs but to answer your question, yes he does do one with a borrowed shuffle deck.
  20. So a borrowed. Shuffled deck. Does he touch or view the cards at all?

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