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  1. Hello.
    I recently got the PHP (Paul Harris presents) Creators Kit and I like it a lot because I make my own gimmicks but I don’t know what to use some of the material for. The materials are:
    Ultra Thin Metal Shim
    18 Neo Magnets (different sizes)
    Clear Plastic Acetate Sheet
    Rubber Dental Dam
    Elite Elastic Thread
    Monar Industiral Thread
    Monofilament Thread
    Century Magicians Wax

    If you could tell me what half of this stuff is and how to use it that would be great
  2. The Creators Kit is for magicians looking for special materials to develop their own effects and to make/repair their own gimmicks.

    No effects or instructions included.

    Just play!

    Why did you buy it, if you didn't know what half of the materials are used for? Which half?
  3. I did not buy it I got it as a gift
  4. Again, which half?
  5. Everything under the acetate sheet

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