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  1. Hello!

    I have been watching the dvd Avenue and i was watching the explanation for Phuges pass and i have a few questions, i hope someone here can answer them.

    I have used Daniel Garcias Ego change since i first learned it from his dvd Daniel Garcia project vol 1 a few years ago and they are both almost the same.

    If im correct Daniel Garcia also uses the pinkey when your pulling away the card, where Phuges pass just uses 2 fingers. Is there any reason to just use 2 fingers like in phuges pass? I found it allot easier and also faster to use 3 fingers, including the pinkey like Daniel Garcia does in the ego change.
  2. I use the cardini change taught in the Trilogy and that uses just the pinky to pull the card.

    From what i have gathered the difference between the three is the replacement.

    As for how many fingers to use. I prefer just the pinky because then there is less friction with the deck and thus less sound
  3. DG pass is slower its using different techquie then the phuges pass also phuge pass also has more use
  4. the Ego change can be used as a pass also with a decent amount of practise and it can be really fast .the only difference that i found is that you need to slightly modify the covering action if you are used to Ego change but it will happen without you noticing believe me. I think that Ego is a more visual than phuges pass but that's just my opinion.

    hope that heps

  5. Is this a "pass" or a change/one card shift, like Gacia's and Cardini's?
  6. There are 3 differences between Daniel Garcia's Ego change and the Pughe's pass

    1) Pughe's pass is done from a mechanics grip, whereas Ego change is done from the deck raised to the fingertips. This means that the Ego change can be done faster (debatable), whereas Pughe's pass has slightly better angles (definitely).

    2) The cleanup is totally different. Ego change requires an all round square up to cleanup, vs. Pughe's pass which does not.

    3) Other than the different fingers used to pull the card like the poster has already mentioned, Pughe's pass also requires the card to shift be pulled back first in order to clear the first finger, facilitating the covering action later. Also the key to speed in the Pughe's pass is the pressure in the left thumb. None of these dynamics are in play for the Ego change.

    None of this is new and/or ground breaking - Dorian Rhodell covers all these points in the explanation. Look carefully and listen carefully and there should be no problem.

    These are important details though, because in any variation of the pass it is the small details that make the sleight work.
  7. The latter, it's not an actual pass.
  8. Ego is also (when done properly) silent. I believe that Pughe's makes a sound, though I don't have the DVD, so I wouldn't really know.
  9. Nope. Both are silent.
  10. no both are not silent.

    i own danial garcias project, trilogy, and avenue.

    and i am a personal fan of these.

    pughes pass makes a sound that is covered up by the flick.since the card snaps off the deck it makes the noise, but wen you flick it just looks as if you flicked it.

    ego change is silent and done a lot slower than pughes pass, it's a hidden move. and is done in a wave of the hand.
  11. Um, "the latter" would refer to Cardini's, being the last one I mentioned, which I clarified as NOT being a pass. This would be the point of my post in fact, that Cardini's and Garcia's are NOT passes.

    So the question is, referring to my original post, is the "former" (though still improper as I listed three items) that is, the Phuges "Pass" a 'pass,' or a 'change?'

  12. It was termed Pugh's Pass ( controlling a selection) in a letter sent to the John Hillard author of Greater Magic. (which is why its not in the original book, but the edition sold by Genii ) Considering the move is named way back, just sleep over it man. :)
    It should be noted while Dorian made changes to the move, he kept the name intact.
  13. Um, sorry again, but still have not answered the question, lol. YES, or NO.

    I think I can assume only one card is moved by now, but I just wanted to have that in the form of an answer please.
  14. lol, my bad. YES.
  15. LOL, np, thx,
  16. The Ego Change feels and looks smoother in my opinion..

    I think DG designed the move with silence in mind. No snaps. No riffles to cover the clean-up. Just a gentle 'shade' then the card changes; a natural all-around square and the move is done.

    You can pretty much substitute one for the other without much work, though. The only major issue that I can imagine is having the card end up face-up after the Ego Change (for one of Dorian Rhodell's routine). It would warrant to eliminate and look for something that would justly substitute for the well built in all-around squaring action of the Ego Change; a part of the move that I think is one of the merits of the move.
  17. I have been trying to learn this sleight for a while now and i have some problems.

    Im having a hard time making it smooth and the deck bevels and pulling the card back and down with just two fingers feels really odd.

    Any advice?
  18. I came across both these issues when learning Pughe's pass, i'm still not 100% confident with it but I think i'm getting it close to performance standard so I might be able to help a bit.

    Pulling the card off like that does feel strange at first, especially when the deck is bevelling. This is why you should practice using the card box (as Dorin suggests) for quite some time. I continuously used the box for several days when practicing. This will allow you to get more comfortable with pulling the card off with 2 fingers as you don't have to worry about the rest of the deck, do this until you can pull of the card at the required speed. Then add the deck back in, you can then concentrate more on the proper grip with the left hand (I believe an incorrect left hand grip will cause the deck to bevel) this should be much easier to focus on and to correct as you should find pulling the card off much easier as you have practiced with the box.
  19. Thank you,

    Is there any good reason for not using the pinky?

    To me it is allot easier and it feels allot more natural and more smooth to also use the pinky and i dont think there is any difference in how it looks, it looks the same.
  20. You can use the pinky, especially if it feels comfortable to you. What must be kept in mind though is that the pinky could attract a lot of attention, but you say it looks the same, so I see no need to change.

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