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    does anybody have tips to make cards last longer. also does anybody know how to make cards less sticky and easier to fan? i have had a shadow masters deck for 6 months and its get sticky sometimes and fans in chunks. thx to any responses. also can u clean cards? if so how?
  2. Try cleaning the surface between cards, if that does not work. Then, try buying yourself a fanning powder.
  3. they're is this delightful application called "Search"

    i would suggest you use it. it is FULL of info
  4. how do i clean cards?
  5. You don't. It would just ruin them.
  6. Never use fanning powder I learned that the hard way (1 deck of Guardians)
  7. What happened?
  8. lol did it become grey guardians?
  9. There is no way to "restore" cards. Buy a new deck. Cards do have a lifespan. Card magic can become quite costly hobby...

    Fanning powder doesn't make cards new again. Powdered cards feel different. Some like powderedcards, some don't. I don't. But try it out.

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