Please Help Me (GHOST INK)

Well today i bought the ''thing'' you need to perform Ghost Ink by Andrew Mayne and its the exact same thing that he uses but its a different brand so it is very shiny and it gives away the whole effect. Im really bumed but i was wondering if there is something i can do because it cost me quite a lot of money and i really want to get something out of it, and dont say just go and buy another brand because i live in spain and its not as easy as getting it in the US or wherever, thanks!
Feb 9, 2008
I have it also. I purchased what you needed for the effect and tried experimenting with it but to my dismay I find it extremely impractical and am very dissapointed. I created a 3 of clubs but no matter what I tried I couldn't make it look natural enough. There is no way that you will be able to do this effect for someone less than 3 feet away. As you said it is too shiny. I had very high hopes for this but all it left me with was a few dollars poorer. :mad:
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