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    Please can you give it a review, or just give me some tips or help with anything?

    Do you like it? Yes? No? Why?

    My website is magic/performance at the moment, it will be just magic after I have graduated at university.

    Thanks, I appreicate any responses :)
  2. I think it looks ok. Nothing really that I would say stands out as awful, but then again nothing really grabs me as impressive. It will surely do the job of looking professional if you are trying to send it out to people. Personally I would use more spades, less hearts, but thats just me. Also do something to make the black font stand out a little more against the brown background.

    But, the good news...

    Everything works so thats good, It seems like you update it regularly, thats great, so overall despite the somewhat cookie cutter plain look, Id say you got yourself a mighty fine website there.
  3. Ok, well it was a bit bland. Perhaps some new colors? It just looks like a website template. Also if you want a website for yourself that's great, but having your professional site say what courses you're going to be taking next year? I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Seems like you care a lot and put a lot of effort into this site, so why not get a separate website for your magic?

    Just my .02
  4. Sorry, not sure that I have kept it clear.

    Right now I am at university, I am in my second year and going to complete my final year this term coming. That is why I am listing all my modules and performance work. Mainly for my friends and family to view. When I graduate is when I want to go into the business professionally. Then the whole website will be based on magic. I want the professional look as I will be working mainly for businesses.

    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them all, so keep them coming :)
  5. Your website looks smart. If you are trying to attact prospective clients you might want to change the wording though.

    Usally your profile is given in the 3rd person. Rather than saying "I love performing magic", it should be "Steven has a passion for giving a great performance".

    Also the text rambles. Give you prospective client 4 short sentances that give them a good reason to hire you. More than a page of text is too much.

    Talk only about the things you have acheieved.

    If you can get references from previous clients put these on the website. Be sure to get the name, job title and just a few words or short sentance. No essays.

    Try to get some images of you performing or better still a short video.
    Hope this helps
  6. its ok... Cool 4/5 u can do it better
  7. Thank you, I will find someone with an English degree to revise my website :)

    Thanks, do what better, and how?
  8. A marketing degree would be better.
  9. Pretty much spot on imo Steven. I think you have sharp looking website that is presented in an easy to read and navigate style. None of that fancy flash crap that takes forever to load on some PC internet connections.

    I think George's suggestions would go a long way to adding that bit of polish to make you stand out from the rest. I view it much in the same way that I view resumes that come across my desk on a regular basis. The structure and composition of a resume tells you quite a bit about a person before ever meeting them face to face. Just something to keep in mind from a potential client's viewpoint.

  10. I did use to speak in 3rd person on the first page. And it was all in 3rd person on the other pages too.

    People (non-magicians) were telling me to make it more one to one, by speaking as myself.

    So I am a bit confused.

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