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Feb 7, 2011
Im gonna say it to you straight lad, thats a terrible video.

The music hurts my soul, but it doesn't even matter that I don't like it, it matters because it doesn't suit the video or the magic, and goes beyond not suiting it to the point of making it unbearable. There's no presentation worth a damn and on top of these things you've sped up the footage, I dont know where you got the idea that faster is better with card magic, but it's the complete opposite.

Every once in a while on the forum a thread will pop up that discusses 'youtube magicians'. If you wanted any recognition for this video you should turn it into a comedy cliché of everything disliked about youtube magicians.

If you posted because you wanted feedback on the sleights, we cant even give you that because the footage was sped up.

Unfortunately right now it looks like it's all doom and gloom.

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
The moves look fine it just looks very rushed. The magic will come off stronger if there is a reason it happens. To escape from handcuffs is cool, to escape from handcuffs in order to avoid being impaled by spikes is a dramatic piece of magic.

A good piece of music ebs and flows, it might speed up or slow down. A good magic routine might do the same thing.

It's okay to have fast moments but the fast moments look so much faster when contrasted with a slow deliberate set up. It's like a guitar solo in the middle of a ballad. Chances are the guitarist was capable of shredding the whole song but he didn't for a reason.
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
I would make the video private, and keep it for obtaining feedback only.

Here are a few things that really stand out:

You telegraph your "get readies" a lot. The breaking of the writs to get a one card break, the addons, the drop offs, etc...

Try and find motivations for all of your movements. If you cannot find natural motivation for a move, choose a different sleight.

Tony Chang puts it very well when he says, "New magicians think that just because they are doing a move, the move is invisible." This is what comes to mind with your video... It seems as though you think that just because you are going through the motions, you are fooling everyone.
Im with Draven I think that pausing between effects allows the effect to set in, to fast wont let the spectator be amazed until the end pause between each effect will create multiple wow monments to sink in, also I think a lot of card magic has lost its way from a good patter, and become to much of a look what I can do trick lol create a story to catch the viewers attention. Magic is to entertain first. I think with a story added you could cover your get readys with hand gestures as you talk aswel.
Jan 10, 2009
University Park PA
Don't use music. Use Patter. Even just to the webcam, that will help you practice your patter. Also as everyone has already mentioned, you telegraph your get-readies for sleights WAY too much. It's very obvious whenever you're about to do a "move." This may partially be because you're filming from a terrible angle, from what I've seen of this effect you want the spectators looking much more down on the cards as opposed to straight at them at eye level. You may think it matters less because it's a webcam, but it actually matters more because I could go re-watch that video you posted 1 more time and figure out everything I need to know to perform that entire effect.

And slow down. Speed just makes it look like you're trying to rush through it. It also makes it harder for the audience to comprehend the entire performance, because there isn't enough time between the different parts for the audience to appreciate the whole routine.
Nov 23, 2007
I could see a lot of get readies and I could see the sleights you did. Might want to change that.


Jul 5, 2009
Longview, Texas
Danny Garcia does this at the perfect speed because, well, it's his effect. I agree with others. Go rewatch Danny's performance of it. Start over. Then add some patter after you can do these moves blindfolded.
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