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  1. Just out of curiosity how many elite points do you all have? I have 696 available and 696 lifetime. Don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, I just want to know how much “a lot” is
  2. 4559 lifetime points and about 550 usable points
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  3. Wow! How do you get so many? Do you just buy them? Or is it from contests?
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  4. 14,734.

    3,172 usable

    Contests, reviews, submitting 2 tutorials to the marketplace, purchasing product, and the December holiday contests.
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  5. I submitted a review about two weeks ago and didn't get any points, I gave up on doing reviews cause they didn't give me points.
  6. same
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  7. 3,268
    Holiday contest
    Purchased items
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  8. What exactly is the holiday contest? Was that a SNC or was it something separate? Forgive me for being new and clueless.
  9. I have 35,398 and have never used a single point. Guess I’m just waiting for Lyle to add summer chimps to the archive. Lol.
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  10. I have 874 spendable and 15,653 lifetime... someone spends too much on theory11 things :D
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  11. The holiday contest usually pops around December time, and it is a wheel that you get to spin once per day for free. If you buy something, you get to spin again. What you win on the wheel is all kinds of stuff ranging from points to cards to tickets to shows. Its pretty awesome, and something most of us look forward to every holiday season!
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  12. Thanks!
  13. 44,909 lifetime points. :)

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