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Practicing Coin on Shoulder?

Mar 28, 2010
Hey everyone,

I've just recently got into some magic such as Coin on Shoulder and I will be going on a school field trip tomorrow. I suspect that there will be considerably large amounts of time when we will just be standing around with nothing to do, and was wondering if this could be a good time to practice this type of thing? I'm not totally comfortable touching people yet and was wondering if anyone with experience in this type of magic would tell me if this would be a good time to practice this?

Oct 10, 2010
Yeah that would be a perfect time to test out your skill I started doing magic on a field trip a couple weeks ago and the coin on shoulder is a good one to do but when you do it make sure that it is just kinda a quick tap on the shoulder to get their attention or something like that. What I normally do is take 2 quarters put one of them on their shoulder and then take the 2nd one and do a retention vanish so they think it is the same coin that was in my hand.
Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
You could go to spencer gifts and buy one of those nice little blow up dolls and practice on that... LOL

I'm just kidding, I think this would be one of those effects where really, you are going to have to perform it to practice it, and if you screw it up...well...better luck next go round
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