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  1. Does anyone out there have a way that they practice their coin sleights? I mean, I have a little routine when practicing cards, but when it comes to coins I kind of just joke around with them.
  2. For myself, I find I need to work harder with coins than cards. I'm practicing Coin One and use a mirror to see if I'm flashing, use video to get a perspective of how my audience would see it and then practice a single technique when I have time during the day to get the feel for the slight.
  3. I am definitely getting the feeling that I need to practice on my coins more than my cards. I have a year and a half with cards and I can pull off most, not all, of the things that I want to do. Though I struggle a lot with coins and I just have a few routines.
  4. I carry a coin with me everywhere I go, when I'm waiting in line, sitting on a break, I go through a bunch of moves, classic palm, muscle pass, retention vanish, finger roll, etc...I try to do them as much as possible so when I show people it looks perfectly fluid. Also a coin is much easier to pull out then a deck of cards to practice. Incorporate it in your day to day activities and you'll get fluid with your moves.

  5. Run through the routines that use the sleight you want to practice.
  6. What kind of "exercises" do you do when practicing with cards?
  7. coinone is great, i have the basic routine down, but when i get to the flash back production i screw up. the coin wants to stick between my fingers and messes up. any thoughts? ive tried putting baby powder on my fingers to help with the sticking but not to much help.
  8. I just got Metal by Eric Jones and he gives some good points on practice and making the moves look and feel real. Not much on routines but good for learning the finer things you need to know before trying any routine.
  9. I'm a total noob in coins bu I would just say practice routines. When you're on the fly, you can practice vanishes or productions, and unless card magic, you can run through an entire coin routine without words. Use a mirror and practice timing. I tend to think of coin tricks as a choregraphed process, not unlike card flourishing. I'm practicing ThreeFry and since the trick ends as it starts, I just repeat it over again.
  10. Yeah that's absolutely right Sypris. Me too.. It's kinda addictive bringing coin/s w/ me in my daily activities.. I'm always trying to incorporate it with my everyday normal movements. Like taking a drag of smoke, with a coin palmed in my hand for example...
  11. =Psephopaiktes= I don't smoke but I do try and type, dial my phone, attend meetings draw on the white-board all with one liberty or Morgan's in each hand. It has really made a differences and I've only been doing it two weeks.
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    Ippaku: That's a good advice Sir!! Thank you very much! Right now, I'm trying to shake/grip a hand of a friend of mine w/o the palmed coin falling. So far, I'm in a 7 out of 10 people ratio.. haha.. more practice for me...
  13. Keep up the good work!
  14. Thank you very much Sir!
  15. The way I practice to plan a routine involving different coin sleights and practice them in a mirror to make sure the angles are right. Check out my blog for some general tips. It is new and a lot more content will be added soon so keep checking back :) Hope this has helped
  16. I'm starting out in coin magic as well.

    Use. A. Mirror.

    I didn't believe my 'cover' for a Retention Vanish was convincing enough on its own. A month later, I used a mirror and it actually didn't look too bad--aside from coordination issues and whatnot.

    But compared to card work, coin work is harder, especially since you're using a lot of one-handed work. And anything one-handed is angle sensitive by nature.

    Start with half dollars and work your way up to a silver dollar, or work your way down to a quarter.

    If you get more serious into coins, get yourself some older, 90% silver coins (walking liberties, franklins, and I think eisenhowers). This is because when these coins (because of the silver content and age) they make MUCH less noise than, say, a couple half dollars you'd get from the bank.

    I hope some of this isn't redundant, but I'm excitable and just knowledge-vomited everything I know at this time.

    Oh! And ALWAYS practice your Classic Palm whenever possible.
    The easiest coin sleight is he hardest to master. Ain't that a slice of pie.
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  17. As far as a routine goes, I thought of an 'anti-routine' for 'One-Fly', if that's a thing. Did this while watching A LOT of Tommy Cooper.

    Basically you explain that once upon a time, there was a coin. Then it disappeared, and then it reappeared! (In the other hand). And then it went missing again! And then it came back! And it did this a couple more times (pretty fast). And no one spoke of it ever again!
  18. One thing I've noticed about doing coin magic in my 10+ years studying magic is that most coin trick do require sleight-of-hand and therefore require that you practice constantly. It's the same with card sleights but not as intense. Like if I don't practice a bottom deal or a classic palm for a week I'll be noticeably worst at those moves, but even if I'm unable to move I'll still be able to do some card tricks. Not so with coins.

    However, the practice is worth it because coin magic is kinda an essential aspect of magic, one that every well-rounded magician should have a grasp of.

    Good luck!


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