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  1. When getting into magic I never put a lot of thought into presentation. I kind of just bounced from effect to effect. Since I began posting/reading threads on this forum I have come to realize the importance of presentation/patter. I put more thought into how effects transition into one another.
    I have come to this point where I've stopped trying to present anything because I am hyper focused on wanting the presentation to make sense. So my question is do we focus too much on presentation and is there a point where you have to maybe accept that the patter isn't the best and you need to just show someone/perform? Also, when do you think you know that your presentation is where it needs to be?
  2. Yes.

    It'll never be "perfect" before it's performed. Even the routines that just pop into your head complete will be tweaked and honed during performances.

    When it communicates the point I want it to communicate in as few words as possible.

    I generally start with the end concept I want to communicate and then pick a routine/trick to use to do that. So I can write the script while imagining performing it, and generally that'll be a decent first draft. I'll commit that lightly to memory and rehearse it - usually during the first few run throughs with rehearsal I'll find more ways to streamline the script or things that I imagined that just won't work. Once I smooth it out, I just rehearse it properly and prep it for the first performance.
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