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  1. Anyone seen this bad boy in action? I am a fan of any and all DM effects and am eager to know any facts about this new effect as well its release. Any info is good info.thanx
  2. The only info i can think this shold not be released as he already released his last ebook M.
  3. It's being released tomorrow and more info has been posted on the site as to what it can do. Sounds pretty cool to me but does anyone know if this is a deck that can be handed out and is it much different than some other common trick decks?
  4. Wheres the video?

  5. I will be shocked if the deck can be handed out (if it can---I will be the first to purchase)
  6. Please take note of the message at the bottom and think long and hard, if you can already perform the effects with sleight of hand he tells you it won't be for you, it's targeted towards beginners.

    If it's what I think it is (And I'm fairly certain) then this would be a great tool for beginners to work on their presentational skills and really making everything more entertaining.

    Of course I could be wrong, in which case I'll buy a one-way ticket to Madison-Hell. ;)

    - Sean
  7. Its available now if some didn't notice. It said it would be available the 23rd, but in the US it's still the 22nd. So we can get it earlier than I thought. I'm seriously considering this because it isn't expensive and would make things a lot easier. Just because we can manage some if not all of these tricks with sleights doesn't mean that this deck won't make it easier and more angleproof. Opinions?
  8. Will definitely make it easier and more angleproof, but you'll have a trade-off in other areas - that is if it's what I think it is.

    Nonetheless, the effects themselves sound very good and I'm sure a lot of people here could get some great mileage out of them. Be nice to see a review once someone picks it up and uses it :)

    - Sean
  9. I agree. Do you think it is similar to another trick deck? If so can you inspect the deck? Pm me if you don't want to say what you think it is here
  10. This has been out for a couple of days--wondering if anyone has got it and what they think. Thanks
  11. I have purchased it, but am yet to make a deck, I will soon and tell you what I think of it. My initial impression was a lil dissapointment, but I will not judge till I have tried it out. I can see how it makes a lot of things easier.
  12. I guess he came back from his break...

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