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  1. Hey,

    I don't think this has been done before so I thought I'd give it a try.
    To stop all the threads in the Card Magic forum on problems and things like that ( and yes some of them are by me).
    So I thought this could be the problems and soluions thread.
    If everyone could "quote message in reply" when they respond to a question it will make things easier and less confusing :).
    This is mostly meant for problems with Methods.

    I will start with this question:

    I'm practicing the Duck change and when i do it the card spins horizontaly out ( like in the Hot-shot cut).Any tips?

    Please leave comments on anything like that you need advice on and on what you think on this idea on the whole.

  2. there is a reason why currently there is a separate topic for a separate problem
    unless people discuss one and the same problem
    and then all at the same time move on to another problem
    the topic turns into a giant mess of randomness
  3. Nice idea, but I think that it works better with one thread on one subject. I don't know about Duck Change myself, so I can't help.
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    Oh O.K. I see you don't like this idea.
    Let's see what anyone else says and if noone likes it we could ask a moderator to close it.
  5. Meh, I don't like it. It'll be a big mess.
  6. Isn't the whole point of a card magic thread to discuss card magic, including any problems one may have?
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    I'll post my problems in the normal forum from now on then :).
    If a Moderator wants to close this thread then they could do, or we could just never use it again.:)


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