Problems with Fraud by Danny Garcia

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  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry, I feel a bit needy haha this is the second thread I've posted this week. I apologize. But I'm really trying to get my material perfected and trying to take my magic to the next level. In that process, I've encountered some issues. If this thread is exposure, moderators should delete. But I really would love to fix these problems. Particularly with Fraud.

    Fraud by Daniel Garcia is an absolutely awesome effect. But I've got a problem. For some reason, it seems as if I can't get the effect to go perfectly and smoothly the way it's supposed to. It either goes one of two ways.
    1. The seal is stuck too well to the bill and it is nearly impossible to get it to budge. I've tried the method of pushing it forward and then pulling it back to move it, but to no avail.
    2. The when I turn over the bill to explain the seal to the spectators, I find that the seal is peeling up at the edges and sometimes barely stuck to the bill.

    Both of these problems are equally common. I've done everything Danny said to do in the video. I'm using the Scotch reposistionable glue stick that was included with the DVD. I want to get this effect right sooooo badly. I love the effect. Help on these issues would be very much appreciated.

  2. I've done this trick dozen of time and I don't have any of these problems. Try using a fairly new bill, see if it helps.
  3. Hey,

    Thus far I've made three gimmicks. One on a brand new condition bill, one on a slightly more worn bill, and one on a much more worn bill. The problem has been consistent on all three. I envy your success with the effect haha. The problem with the seal peeling up on the edges is really bad though, because its obvious to onlookers due to the shadow under the seal. Very frustrated with these issues. But I have not given up! :)

  4. It sounds like you are using too much glue. It makes the seal warp and/or makes it hard to move.
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    Ok so i think that might be it. A couple questions
    - How much glue should be applied?
    - Where on the seal do you apply the glue?
    - How do I prevent residue from being left behind on the bill?
    Thanks so much guys
  6. Although It wasn't taught in the DVD (as I recall), the directions on your glue say to apply the glue to your desired surface and to then wait ~90 seconds for it to dry before applying it to another surface. This might be your problem. Apply the glue evenly all over the back of the seal.
    As far as residue is concerned, it's the nature of the glue. your best bet is to gently slide rather than press down and slide.

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