Professional flourishers and eachother's material

Okay so this is a question I have had for a little bit now and I'm hoping Dan and Dave will answer this question for me.

So my question is, do professional flourishers use eachothers material or dothey see eachother as "Competition"?

Like would Dan and Dave go out and buy Daniel Madison's "Lethal" and De'vo buy "The System" ?

Anyone who knows the answer please help!
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
If you want a response from Dan or Dave ask on their forums, I'm sure they'll reply quickly. I'd say they do buy other materials just to learn it and come up with new concepts, however I doubt I'd see Dan or Dave doing Daniel Madisons flourishes due to the style, DM uses his body alot in flourishes and D&D don't.
Sep 1, 2007
Dan and dave do the cobra cut, you can see them set-up to it by doing a EGR on Kev Ho's "portable playground" (but they cut the video before it shows the cobra catch)

Dan madison and Dan and Dave both copied a sh*t-ton of Tudor's material in order to start their flourishing careers. Dan Maddy has a nice couple armspreads and springs he likely learned from Jerry's encyclopedia. Unfortunately, obviously NONE of these guys have read Jerry's chapters on fanning :( :(

Bone Ho does de'vos "cradle to grave" routine as part of his live performances... I haven't seen his whole routine so I don't know if he does any other artists signature work.

Jerry has said he can do the madonna type flippy cut flourishes, but he doesn't perform them on his DVDs because it's other peoples material. For example on flashcards he was talking about how Tudor had introduced the rev cut into the sybil and Jerry recognizes his acheivement there so probably wouldn't do it on one of HIS own published works. but that was a couple years ago and it is just one artists opinion. On the new 4th companion DVD you can see some of his Sybil-cuts and they're pretty wild... i don't think its from any of the chapters covered in the EoPCF, but that Jerry just threw it on the DVD to show you kids he can hang with that style, he just prefers not to!
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