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PSI Device, REAL TK, Omg

Apr 27, 2008
PSI Device from

Well I was looking at a trick named Pentalism and noticed that many of the tricks were very cheap and looked at this and saw that while the movement was quite suddell he listed no magnets, no threads or wires, no blowing, no old methods. Also I wanted people

I was baffled and here is the review

Effect 9/10

Take some small gum foil (other objects work) and crumble it up in a small ball and place it on a table and you can be 2 feet up to 1,000,000 feet away and still make the object move, although it helps to see their reaction. The actual effect is very slight and not very good for stage but... it is still very powerful when you do this out of the blue.

Method 10/10

The method is pure genius and is nothing that I have ever heard been mentioned (though I am not a real veternan). You will buy something else to get the effect accomplished but he mentions where to get at a few websites. You will need to take care of the gimmick and will need to replace it every so often, he goes into detail and the seller will to. Here is a clue/riddle and no one will get unless they have it, It's something that 99% percent people in America have heard of yet about 1% actually own this, the people who have heard of it actually have no idea what it really is. Sound complicated and make no sense, very good.

Teaching 9/10

PDF in a simple form with some pictures and a very super simple sleight. Nothing else said except simple and easy.

Real World 8/10

Very simple to use in the real world although there is a chance that the gimmick will not work or will grow old and do "something". This something has happened is very neat. I have used this a few times and so many skeptics broke out it looked like the James Randi Foundation had visited that day. I did this on top of a table, then hidden by a glass cup, then 15 feet away and still they were somewhat skeptical but were still baffled and blew them away nonetheless, the only problem I had was one time the gimmick "broke" and it simply added to my mentalism, although I do like it when the effect works. Before anybody thinks that there is a huge risk there is a very slight chance this will work about 5% and that's 'cause I never checked it.

Overall 9.5/10

Simple, powerful, effective, and a new concept people could play with. Only reason for half off is because it's not real TK, darn it. Maybe in the future they will release actual Telekinesis for $3.99 like this. :D
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