Quantum Bender 2.0 vs Sharpie Bender

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  1. Hello all, much like the title suggests i'm curious if anyone has any additional information or first hand experience with James Clark's Sharpie Bender. Obviously the Quantum Bender has been the somewhat holy grail of coin bends for a long time. That being said, Clark makes several excellent points on his website about Sheet's shortcomings. I've searched the web and found several varying opinions, as well as what appears to be a certain amount of bias regarding the debate. It's clear that many people back Sheet's Quantum Bender merely because he is the original creator. Many call Clark a cheat for stealing the idea, however given the competitive nature of the industry competitors are inevitable and Clark makes several points about offering competitive prices and "upgrades" to the design. While Sheet's has fired back with the several statements the fact remains he pulled his Quantum Bender 2.0 off the market, and the 3.0 has been promised for so long, many doubt that it will ever be marketed. My main goal here is to discover if the Sharpie Bender is a legitimate and reliable item, not to become embroiled in the obvious politics that have been expanding in the art (especially over at the cafe). Also, if anyone knows Sheet's personally or is in contact to tell him to HURRY THE HECK UP WITH THE Quantum Bender 3.0. Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. Hi! I've just bought Alexander Kolle's "Hawk 2.0" and I have a problem with it. What kind of glue is good to do this trick? Because every single one I've tried another glue stick, it wasn't sticky when it dried

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