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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magiknick113, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. ok guys im new to the forums, but i have a question is there a move involved with 2 cards in whicha charlier cut is done and an aieral production is sandwiched in between?
  2. Sounds like the hotshot cut to me. Catching the shot card between the two cards is the hardest part. Its not a charlier cut but its easy to see why it might look like one.

    The originator is Darryl. Who knows if that man has a last name, but it can be found in the Art of Astonishment, and numerous other sources.
  3. i asked a similar question before. yes it starts out as a hot shot cut, originated by daryl, as for the catch, thats what i wanted to know and i never really got an answer, i haven't found a resource to get the top card to adhere to the thumb, the only advice giving to me was to get moisture on the thumb either by licking it or otherwise, apply pressure and then quickly open and catch.
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    Yeah, thats it. Exactly. You just really do it. With enough practice you get the shot to be consistant and you can catch it.
  5. Didn't David Blaine do that in a special of his?
  6. yes he did, thats what i referenced when i asked about the move. if anyone does have a resource than feel free to post it. otherwise i guess were stumped
  7. just see my post above.
  8. thank you for your responses and i was playing around with it and i decided to a a charlier with it and hot shot cut into and the cards naturally fall into place ive been calling it a "venus fly trap" =]

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