Radar Deck or Mind Power Deck

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  1. Hey guys,
    Which would you recommend, John Kennedy's Mind Power deck or Richard Osterlinds Radar Deck?

    Also I'm thinking of getting the electric touch to use with this deck but I don't want to splash out without being sure it's a good decision, would you guys recommend it?

  2. I went ahead and got the Mind Power Deck. I should be recieving it today and if you like I could write a review for it.
  3. I have John Kennedy's Mind Power deck, I love it. I don't use it often because it is expensive, I don't like to bring it to performances at restaurants or starbucks or anywhere where it could have drinks spilled on it, people with food or grease on their hands touching it, weather damage etc, but I feel the limited performances I have used it for have garnered the reactions that have well been worth the price of the deck.
    NOTE:I don't use the routine it has originally set out for, I use another, rather well-known application of the deck set out by someone else, at first I was going to reference it but I wasn't sure if that led to exposure by saying that this deck is utilized for this effect. If any mods know what I am speaking of let me know if I can say, and if anyone at all has any idea what I'm talking about - I bought the deck for that effect specifically, and it was well worth it.

    I'm not familiar with the Radar Deck, I'm going to look it up now. Would anyone who has this deck care to share a few words?
  4. Im pretty sure I know who you're talking about. ;)
  5. I was going to say that using a MPD at a restaurant shouldn't involve the spectators touching the deck, but it can involve being spread on a table, which can get it dirty, but also I do not know the routine you a referring to which may.
  6. I do not know anything about the Radar Deck, but I do not think that there is any reason to spend the money on Electric touch, but that's my opinion.
  7. You can make your own Radar Deck. I haven't done it, but I know you can. It takes four regular decks to make one Radar Deck.

    You cannot make your own Mind Power Deck.

    That may enter into your decision if you can find the instructions on how to make a radar deck.

    I love my Mind Power Deck, but everyone is right about it: you've got to treat the deck like it was made of glass. The effects you can do with it though are astonishing.
  8. Well I just picked up a Radar Deck for $20, so I'm not that bothered if it sucks.

    Thanks for your insight.

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