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Random about "Trilogy"

Trilogy is by far one of the most exciting magic dvds I own. It´s so fresh and different, it makes you feel like a complete beginner again:)
But I do have some questions about the practicality of the magic stuff.

It all seems so angly to me. Have you guys tried these things in real life?

I like the "Hedbergs peak" but how do you handle the fact that a half pass is executed at the worst possible moment. I mean the audiences attention should be at maximum at that particular moment.

At the end of the Queens trick, there is a one handed color changed not explained . Is it a particular move I can look up?

In subway, variation on Marlo´s versatile control is used. Why? The original move should be more direct and much easier to do.

The bluff shift in tivo is credited to Joshua Jay. Is that the exact same handling?
I love that move:)

Where can I look up details on Hiro Sakai´s color change used in twinsplit remix?
Oct 3, 2007
The one handed color change at the end of the queens trick is called the Clip Shift and was created by Chad Nelson. It will be published in a DVD called "Surfaced", check for more information on that.

As for the practicality of the tricks, i havn't yet learned all of them, but I have performed subway, deja vu, the queens, and hand to mouth. Each worked out great and gave good results.

Of course, not all of the tricks in the Trilogy will math you're style. For example, I do not particularly like to use passes (the outjogged herman shift / pass being the only exception) and thus would not use hedbergs peak often. Just find the tricks that match you're style the most and try them out on an audience (pretty much anybody, just to try them out). Although some of the tricks are relatively angly, it can be overcome in a performance (although you may not want to perform something like twinsplit remix entirely surrounded :p).

anyhoo, good luck with the material. I'm going to be learning from it for a good long time still ;)
Dec 8, 2007
The Trillogy is awesome indeed :)

To awnser your questions: some tricks are indeed angle-sensitive, but stuff like the subway, hand to mouth, etc. are great to do in real life. But the 4-for-4 switch used in deja vu, and stuff like the half pass are just sleights that require a lot of practice! You can definately perform them in real life, but practice is the magical word... ;)

But if you don't like to do the original end for the queens trick (which is slightly angle-sensitive), just come up with one of your own (that's what I did), although it's hard to make an ending which is just as cool as the original one of course :p

As said before, the one-handed change (last queen vanish) is not released yet. It will be released soon on Dan and Dave's site by it's original creator, Chad Nelson on his dvd "Surfaced", so check that out! (It was not explained, because it's Chad's copyrighted move I believe...)

I can't awser the rest of your questions, but hope this helped :)

~ Morphweasel
Jan 21, 2008
Vero Beach FL
Well some of the tricks are angle sensative they are probally meant for a camra or a 1on1 trick so you arent surrounded. I performed both tivos in real life and they get great reactions. For hedbergs peak you could learn the gravity half pass from The Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher witch is almost invisible from all angles. Subway is great because the move is so sleight that most people wont catch it. Both card across and hand to mouth are really good tricks to perform in real life. Queens you just have to practice alot before you go perform it because of all of the sleights in that trick. Well i hoped this helped.

Jan 14, 2008
what i have to say

i have to agree most of the tricks are angle sensitive but with some practice its not that hard... although i havent tried most of it in performance.... still trying to make my move real smooth...
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