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    Living in Las Vegas, I have had to chance to see various magic shows, attend magic conventions and hang out with different magicians. I have an opinion about every single event.

    I want to know yours. Even if you don't live in Vegas.

    What is the best or worst show you've seen? What were your thoughts on the latest convention? Who is you favorite performer? What magician would you like to meet?

    Ready.... and.. DISCUSS.
  2. Well,

    I'm very sad to say that I live in an area of the US that hasn't got much of a magic scene at all. I mean, it's pretty sad. People around where I live don't even know who Criss Angel is even though his shows and commercials are constantly airing.

    I would very much like to met Criss Angel or Derren Brown. They both seem like great people, and are already wonderful magicians. Of course, meeting the guys here at Theory 11 would be just as extreme.

    Shane K.
  3. I've never gone to see a show that I didn't enjoy. My absolute favourite show was that of David Copperfield in 2000. I was absolutely mesmerized by every effect, trick, and illusion that was presented at the show. So much was going through my mind and I couldn't believe the things that were happening in front of my eyes. I miss that wonder and amazement I used to feel.

    Like I said, I've never seen a bad show, I once saw a really terrible clown at a grocery store.

  4. Ah yes, grocery store clowns.. Scary Stuff.

  5. I couldnt name a best or worst show, but I do know I would kill to meet Wayne Houchin. His invisible palm routine is perfectly executed, and hes come up with the best effects I have ever seen. Thats just my opinion though
  6. I can only agree with you on half of that. I think Derren Brown is incredible, but as for Criss Angel, I would only like to meet him to kick him. I think his magic and stunts are stupid and I have heard alot of stories about him and his ego from people that have met him. As for meeting the crew behind Theory11, i have met some and it was such a great experience. Lee is hilarious, Aaron is a great teacher and Wayne is so intelligent that you can barely look away.

    As for a favourite show I have seen. Copperfield was great a year ago in 2006, Oscar Munoz is amazing and the list goes on. I can think of one show that I really didn't like, and that was Ryan Joyce. But hey that is how life works. anyway, just my 2 cents.
  7. I have only seen copperfield and i believe that was last year.

    I hate him, In that I hate you because you blew my mind. kind of way

    He was amaziing always is always will be.

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    My favorite shows/performers in NO particular order:
    David Copperfield
    Nathan Burton
    Justin Kredible
    Hans Klok
    Dana Daniels

    Least Favorite shows/performers in NO particular order:
    Amazing Jonathan
    Hans Klok
    Steve Wyrick

    Yes, Hans Klok is on both lists.

  9. One has to bear in mind that the media is a powerful tool.

    Being someone that knows Criss personally, I can tell you that the vast majority of the stories regarding his ego are false. Criss used to be very egotistical, yes, but since the recent events in his life that have been negative... he's turned around a lot. His vision of magic is just a little different than most, and while I don't particularly like most of what he does... I do respect him as a performer (even if that means a sub-par performer).

    As far as an excellent show that I've seen... that's quite a large list:

    Derren Brown (something wicked this way comes)
    David Copperfield
    Jeff Mcbride
    Lance Burton
    Mac King
    Penn and Teller

    That list goes on and on for me.....

    In regards to meeting people from Theory11, I imagine it would be nice to have a chance to have dinner with them or something. The only person on that team that I've met Is Chris Kenner and he's an incredible guy. To meet the rest of them would be quite a goodie.


  10. My favorite magician...


    Hahaha...he's an excellant entertainer. I especially love his ID routine, and Sam the Bellhop.

    Good to see ya on here Katie! :)
  11. Steve,

    Good to see you! Bill Malone was at magicLIVE this month. I have pictures to prove it!

    He does have a personallity that can put the room in stitches.

    How are the Nuggets treating you?

  12. I've never been to a show or convention but I'm going to a show AND convention on Nov 11th :D.

    Wayne Houchin seems to be the most genuine down to earth(plus amazing) magician nowadays, although my favourite magicians would probably be Sankey, Dan and Dave, Garcia(both Frank and Daniel), Brian Tudor and obviously Houchin... Couldn't decide my favourite, although Houchin seems the coolest guy so I'd prefer to meet him...
  13. I saw these 2 magicians on a cruise once.
    They were funny and good at what the did.
  14. I like most shows I've seen. Favorite shows so far:

    David Copperfield- Seeing it 3 times says something....
    Lance Burton- Classic Magic, and true rapport.
    Eugene Burger- True close-up showmanship..while just being Eugene.
    Eric Henning- Well thought out, inspired routines.
    Penn and Teller- From Mike Jones to the combination of magic and commentary!
    Jeff McBride- Visual. Magic as a true performance art. The modern day shaman.
    Mac King-Comedy magic at it's best, and an all around great guy.

    As for this list, it only includes those I have seen live, and can veritably say I love. The charisma that comes through in all of these performance was unbelievable.

    Now, for a negative:

    Krendl and Co.- Performed at a local convention. A complete copy act...no originality, very mediocre. Not a fan.

    I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that stick out...

  15. Katie,

    Bill Malone is a helluva performer, to say the least. He's more of an entertainer than magician IMO. Which is why I like him so much.

    As for the Nuggets...very bad. I want so badly to just play with them, but I won't. They've been out of the box for a minute, but that's it. Someone already sold them on ebay (with the Magic Man Examiner) and it went for $400. That could be money towards my truck! LOL! ;)


    P.S. I really do love them though...I talked with Chris yesterday BTW.

    EDIT: I was with Jon at the convention he's talking about. Krendle and Co. are not among my favorite either. But Tim Sonefelt's show was definitely my favorite of the night. Michael Lair (sp?) also did an incredible job.
  16. Awesome!! I know you talked to him. I was in the car and said bye to you.

  17. I couldn't really hear him...sorry if I cut you off! I thought he was on speakerphone or someithng...so that;s why I was trying to let him go! LOL! :D
  18. Well I haven't had much opportunity to meet magicians or see shows. However, I went over to Vegas a few months ago and I have to say...Mac King's show rocked! I would quite happily make the trip over there again JUST to see his show once more (and I live in the U.K., so that's a fairly meaningful statement).
  19. Yes, I heart Mac King. He is a genius.

  20. Magic kinda sucks up in new england, anyone know of any lectures or anything? Morgan strebler's coming for a lecture about 20 minutes from my house in a few days, and Boris Wild a little after that, that's all I know of though.


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