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    Hi Everyone,
    Just so you guys know this is my first post ever on Theory11.

    I happened to be a fan of Brian Tudor, though i never once owned any of his DVD's/Books, I enjoyed watching him perform, later on youtube, i came accross these vids of him ranting. All my veiws of him changed, i posted these vids not to bash anyone, but simply to ask other magicians what they think of it. I actually found these funny. Click below to watch a couple vids of this.
    However, I must warn you that this contains explicit language, viewer discretion is advised.
    (cut and paste if not clickable)

    (cut and paste if not clickable)
  2. Yeah, totally not a Tudor fan. The general consensus, from what I've heard others say, is that they're not fans either. Even some professional magicians have said they're not really Tudor fans, either. Tudor has turned into a big joke...those rants are literally the basis of some jokes you may hear from time to time. Yuppers. :)
  3. I like Tudor's stuff even though I think he's a horrible performer. His sleights are good and his flourishing is dead scary.
  4. heh. Thanks for sharing this! Im definately not a fan of the presentation Tudor offers, but I understand he's got mAd sKilLzZ when it comes to fast and furious.

  5. ha yeah ive seen these videos before. kinda funny kinda sad. his self esteem is obviously pretty low and he just doesn't want to show it. but some how he is arrogant at the same time. i don't get it.
    he is crazy fast though.lol
  6. give the guy a break man.. he may be arrogant but he is honest about the stuff thats going on.... he has mad skill man thats for sure and his flourishes can make you go change your diapers sometimes.
  7. I disagree, obviously hes a really fast flourisher but if Chris Kenner had never invented sybil, all he would have is his 1HC series cus the rest of his stuff is just sybil variations... also I heard Tudor wasn't the one to invent OHR, it was a magician called Rue Martinez but no body is sure about it...
  8. To stand in Tudors corner and somewhat 'have his back' I believe that these thoughts and opinions reflect a part of where underground magic came from. Through Brians' work we've all been amazed, awestruck and entertained, be that at the speed, creativity or overall performance... regardless, we know who he is for his artwork, lets not forget this. He displays wonder with playing cards, something we all should be aspiring to. Lets not condemn him for his reactions to the actions of those who refused to accept what he was doing was an allied art. He offers us his work, lets not judge this on 'rants.'
    ...If one knows how, anger, attitude and arrogance can be channelled to help creativity "...everything has a force; you can embrace it, or deflect it..."

  9. I scream like a girl everytime Daniel Madison posts on these forums.
  10. wow, nicly said d+M.
    I do agree with you, his cardwork/ handling is astonishing, but i must say that i was a bit turned off by the arrogence he showed. (and some disrepect to what others have created). I think he needs to understand that those moves that "suck," don't "suck" because those are what inspired so many other good tricks/ flourishes, even the ones created by himself. I think he should be a little more greatful that he even had those moves as a foundation to build upon, without those, he would not be known for what he does today.
    I'm not trying to bash anyone, or make a big deal, but I am simply sharing my opinion, and that is Brian takes a little more credit than he should, that's all :).
    But i must end with saying that his work with cards is mind-blowing!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts d+M. They are much appreciated (I'm a big fan)
  11. ....or redirect it.

    Tudors ability at manipulation speaks for itself. As far as the rants, don't be surprised when there is a reaction to someone pushing buttons.
  12. *In British accent*

    Good post, old chap.

  13. his work blows me away but i do not like him at all as a person. He strikes me as someone who would show up to a gig tipsy. ;o;
  14. Doesn't anyone else think that he was probably joking with a lot of that stuff on Showoff 3? The thing at the start with the applause sound effect made me think he wasn't taking himself totally seriously.
  15. Can't argue with that, can you?

    ****, here I go.

    d+M, to an extent, I do agree with you. I do believe that...
    I can clearly see a lot of truth coming from that statement, Brian Tudor being a prime example.

    However, I don't agree that his 'rants' should not affect his work. Tudor is not just a flourisher, yes - he's extremely talented at that, but he is also a magician. In magic, personality and presentation is key.

    As many members here have somewhat appropriately highlighted, Brian Tudor has a... questionable personality. I need not quote.

    He may share these rants about flourishing with just us, the magic community, but when his character and overall demeanour is put forward when he is performing, surely now that would affect his work?

    I'd much prefer to be performed to by a polite, maybe slightly comical magician than one who is giving off this aggressive act.

    Just my $0.02.


    -Sam H

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