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  1. Could someone please help explain to me what the original Sybil cut is because I know one Sybil cut but apparently it's not it. Someone told me that the one I know is Five Faces of Sybil but the performance videos that I've seen of Five Faces demonstrate a different cut than I know.

    The one that I know goes like this: You break off a packet from the top of the deck with your index finger, then another with your middle finger, and finally a third with your thumb, leaving you with 4 packets(for the rest of my explanation I'm going to leave out the fourth packet that rests in the left hand and only talk about the 3 packets in motion). Then you twist your hands so that the middle finger and thumb can gain access to the middle packet and break it off into 2 so that you now have 4. Then you swing the new packet around to the bottom and close up the stack.

    Does anyone know this cut? Is this the original or just a variation? I'm basically just really confused so any help would be appreciated.

  2. The Original Sybil Was a trick involving a cut published in Chris Kenner's Totally Out of Control also featured in that book was a cut called the 5 faces of sybil. hope that helps both of them can be found in Kenners book, there are alot of variations of Sybil, Brian Tudor i think did one but there ya have it..


    A. Kistner
  3. Ok thanks, that helps a little. But do you know what the Sybil cut that I explained above is? I guess it's probably just another variation...

  4. Just search youtube for original sibil cut. If you want I can pm you some tutorials.:)
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    Just searched and didn't find anything but if you know of tutorials for the original or Five Faces then please pm me :D

    I actually found the Sybil cut that I explained above on youtube a couple of days ago when ever I searched for Sybil cut because I didn't know what a Sybil cut was.

    But yeah,
  6. Sorry man, but the tutorial was removed by the owner.
  7. Well I guess that would explain it. Eh well, my main focus was just to find out what the original Sybil looked like and what the Sybil cut I know was but it's not that big of a deal. I guess if everyone's calling Five Faces of Sybil just "Sybil" then the original must not be too great anyway(does that make sense?). Well thanks for the help.

  8. Not sure but heres a guess

    I think you may be talking about the five faces of sybil, from your discription you only say you have four packets. If you can do it post a vid. on youtube and post link here.
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    Because there's so much confusion on this, I'm going to re-post my other post over here...
    And Axis, if you look at his explanation of the cut in question closely, he uses 5 packets (he says 4, but he's excluding the 1 in the left hand - the bottommost one - that is not doing anything). Zeus, the cut you're doing sounds like a simpler variation of the Five Faces of Sybil.

    Unforunetly, I don't know of any videos of the original Sybil, as, like I said, it's much less well known.

    EDIT: Lucky you, the post comes with a video response to try to help you figure out what cut you're doing (I show the full Five Faces, and then the simpler variation that I think you're doing, but correct me if I'm wrong). Also, my Five Faces is done a bit sloppy because my room is only just starting to heat up, so my hands were cold.
  10. Ah, yes! That's exactly what I was talking about, Bluebacked. Thank you very much for your help in my confusion. If I'm not mistaken then Five Faces is taught on the Trilogy Disc 3, which I'm getting for Christmas so I'm all set as far as Sybils go for now because the original can't be too great if nobody even refers to it anymore.

    Thanks again,
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    You've very welcome :)

    Yep, the Five Faces of Sybil is taught in the Flourishes 101 section of Disk 3 of the Trilogy. But watch out! - It's not called the Five Faces of Sybil. It's called- you guessed it - Sybil :p

    If you find yourself having trouble with it, feel free to shoot me a PM.

    Happy Holidays,


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