Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

Sep 4, 2007
Kansas City
Actually, the best reactions I have gotten is out of a simple set of "Pick a card" vanishes and reproductions. At the end you force a card on them in any way, then slowly reveal the card through "psychic" powers... if you have an Electric Touch it is even more powerful, but just the fact that you can guess a card without even touching it blows the spectators away.
Nov 8, 2007
There are two that, when I perform them, they are never forgotten and seem to really disturb people and keep them talking for a long time.

Coin Bend (Signed)
Out of this World (after spectator shuffles)

For the coin bend I use a QB2. I adore that thing and carry it with me everywhere. Strong, organic, impossible magic. It just leaves people nowhere to go. I do the bend in the spectator's hand and afterwards I'll often later catch them looking at the coin and squeezing it in their hand, trying to make it bend on their own. And they always keep the coin, often showing it to me months later and reminding me of the time I bent it for them.

To be honest I don't do Out of this World all that often because I don't often perform in environments that produce the right atmosphere that is needed for this effect. But whenever I do it makes a huge impression. Years later people still talk to me about it. It's real astonishment. For the version I do I let the spectator shuffle, use the Green Angle Separation, and then that Paul Harris move he uses at the end of Galaxy that sets you up to just spread the cards and show them all separated. Very direct, very strong.

*Just as a note--notice both of these effects make the spectator feel like they did the magic or they were in control of it. For the coin bend it's their coin, signed with their name, bending in their hand. For OotW they shuffle, they deal the cards however they want. Neither one is a "look at the magician" effect. :)
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Sep 10, 2008
vernon's "out of sight out of mind" followed by paul vigil's "diplopia". it absolutely destroys.

in fact, the only reason i do out of sight out of mind is to build up to diplopia. it's that good.
Sep 20, 2009

if you are interested in an economical and devastating prediction system (the "Recession Prediction System" ; Ebook format), go take a look at .

this is mentioned as "[...] the perfect showpiece to end your mentalism performance. Your prediction will always be 100% accurate with all the choice of your spectators. Direct, clean. Ultimate and totally impossible ! Adaptable to all your themes, scripts..."

"My solution has found its inspiration, a few years ago, because or let’s rather say thanks to my frustration to not being able to invest in a « Master Prediction System » (Dick Zimmerman) (a frustration that many magicians/mentalists neither rich nor necessarily professionals must feel) [...]"

you should love it.

you will find a flattering review here :
No no no my friend you are totally wrong! Vernon is Brad Christian's signature effect and it is going to be released .....sometime.I saw him perform that once......awesome!! :D:D

On a serious note i am mostly known for d+M effects.
- effects from BURN
-angle zero
-A sandwich routine i came up with
- And DG's Warning
I know they are a lot but i have been performing a lot recently
I have been using those a lot recently though the ones that i really enjoy performing are the ones i do rarely. Such as d+M's 180,Brown's Zamiel's Rose ,3 card routine and invisible deal,etc

Zamiel's Rose love that effect such a romantic corny type effect which works well with cellmates i have discovered.

i agree with your choices i like also performing david stones 1 coin routine
Sep 1, 2007
As a hobbyist, the reputation I have that I can actually see is limited to friends of friends of family, and the most remembered effect seems to be the card to mouth, which I finish my ACR with. It might just be because it's what I do most, though.

Oct 27, 2009
Stigmata (yes, it had to be written in red)

Along with Witness and Panic.


This one's mine too, lol.

and the ever simple and humble, card-to-mouth..

"Hey, that's the guy who made a card go out from his mouth!"

And Wayne Houchin's Thread. >_> wooh.

I haven't seen Diplopia yet, but I hear it's great.

There's an ebook somewhere on the internet sir. I don't know if its legal though. The effect hurts.
Sep 6, 2009
I'm not known for a trick, but a routine which I simply call "Static"

Technically it's just ACR, then Chris Kenner's rising card, fallen and finally svengali deck. I'm planning to get the actual trick "static" and a forcing deck so I can give the deck for examination =D
Jul 13, 2008
I'm known for a lot of things, mostly things that I've created. However, Control by W:H is the trick that got the best reactions for me. Also, William by David Stone is an awesome trick that I'm performing all the time lately.
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