Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

Feb 8, 2009
they didnt check the cards when i finished doin the trick, they checked the glass!
Jan 28, 2009
Belgium, Antwerp
R.I.P. by D+M but with my buissens card

making stuff fall with loops

Role play by D+M but not like you are going to by the magician now..
more like slide the card foreword thet you think is your card, so I'm not going to find it, you are.

Travler, invisible palm where the aces change into the queens

when I do travler I find the aces back with aces by D+M

I don't do this much becous of the setup but if I get the chanse, angel zero

Ps. I don't ever preform these effects all folowing up afther echother, If I would do that my show would not be as strong evry time.

Jun 11, 2008
The one trick that I perform most just because it is impromtu, is my Ambitious card routine. People always go nuts over it and always talk about it. If I have a deck set up for McDonalds Aces, I might do that too, if I have a table to work on.
Lately I've been working on my presentation for Pressure, so there's a reputation maker right there that is coming soon.
Nov 8, 2008
-My cups and balls routine
-One of my creations:The spectator selects a card and the magician seems to be unable to find it. But finally reveals that it was in his shoe
-A sponge ball routine
-A shuffling lesson by Chad Long
Mar 26, 2009
lols. Anyone heard of anything outside of Theory11 and E? Just wondering.

Lol I hate that about these forums.

I love my ACR. Thanx to chris kenner for my shifty climax!

I do a quick mental effect where my spec shuffles the deck, takes a random card, puts it back in the deck, and I instantly pull out a "matching" card folded up in my wallet. People get a kick outta that.

I love shoe't for a quick brain implosion for my audience :p People definitely ask me to do that the next time I see them.

Triumph w/ new deck order ending always gets a great reaction
May 31, 2008
I think I already posted in this thread saying that it was Factory Sealed. I didn't think my reputation could get any better until I performed an illusion I created during a free period. I got the whole class involved, and my English teacher was bugging me about how I did it for the rest of the period.
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
I don't really have an effect that's a "reputation maker". Most people just find me interesting and eccentric personality wise, and that's pretty much it. The magic or whatever just tends to go a long with it.
Aug 10, 2008
In a rock concert
the way I perform? sounds pretty arrogant isnt it?;)

Nah, Im kidding, I think that the triumph routine is something that they always remember =)
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May 31, 2008
jay sankey's guarantee

jay sankey's guarantee without a doubt.

To summarize the effect: a card with the word guarantee written in sharpie across the face and 100 percent written on the back is placed on the table next to a "bet" a 1 dollar billl.(you guarantee the spectator you can find their card) Basically a card is selected and signed. The spectator mixes the cards, legitimately. You can't find the card. Until the guarantee card changes into the signed selection.

This effect gets gasps.
I got a new rep. as the scary, but awesome magician for performing geek magic in school.

.Stigmata L (not the arm one, the one with blood.)

.The urn of Mystery (I take my grandma's ashes, and rub them on a spectatory's arm to reveal a thought of card.)

.The bean trick


.Razor blades. (don't do this in school y'll, I got special permission with the police, principle and Assistant principle to do this at a talent show.)

But everyone in my school, still talks about one trick that I performed at the beginning of the school year, the Healed and Sealed soda can.

Now I also have taken advantage of the Rumor and Telephone system. By this I mean, I performed a leviation for the reagan football team, (simple Balducci) they all believed it and they started to tell their friends, and their friends told their friends, and soon the entire school heard about my "Miracle." the cool part about this is that the height of the levitation has grown from 3-4 inches to 3 feet off the ground. Instant legend in School.
Everyone has their pet tricks. You know the ones that you love to perform for just about anyone? The kind that you really are known for.

Teller has his Shadows (among others), Copperfield has Flying (among others) etc etc etc.

So what is your reputation making tricks?
a sweet 360 levitation....

my verison of wayne houchin's FRENCH KISS



infinity bend by eric ross.....

there are more.....
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