Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer? Although...

    I'm more concerned with the fact that everyone thinks this is the pinnacle of reactions. That screams and blasphemies are the indicator of a reputation maker.
  2. This is very true.

    Because I'd like to think that there's a minority that do.
  3. You can see, from this post, how many of "our generation" of magician's don't create their own material. And if the majority of you are creating your own material... why are you not performing it? Maybe I'm missing something here.

  4. Anything I show people I gain Reputation. The people in my school are not that smart. lol.

    But Stigmata is a big rep maker. Along with my own original stuff. XD

  5. sayyyy... arent you in your school?
  6. Indeed Iam.

  7. Let me see....
    Nu sense
    Angle Zero
    Suck my deck
    Lie Detector #2
    and of course... Stigmata
  8. Oh, they're around. They just don't talk about it much because they're too busy, you know... working.
  9. How awfully ironic.

  10. What they are listing is effects and methods. That doesn't mean they don't have different performances. My reputation was made on performances of lots of "standards" I could afford to buy as a kid 10 years ago. I tweek performances more than methods.
  11. i know right?
  12. I have a few different reputation making tricks that people always want to see when I perform. One is Stigmata. Then I have the others which included: The biddle trick, My version of C.A.A.N., The Chicago Opener, David Stone's Ghost, and my version of Dream of Aces.
  13. 4,5,6 Packet Trick By: Sal Piacente Expert Card Magic (Can't Remember if it's Vol. 1 or 2)
  14. I performed Torn in front of a bunch of my friends and their family at a coming home party for one of my friends that came back from the marine corps. Funny thing though that it was supposed to be for only one of my friends but he spilled the beans and invited everyone to watch. I'm not really comfortable doing torn in front of so many people but i couldnt stop there so i finished and everybody was quiet, i thought they caught me but they were just shocked i guess. Not my favorite to perform but it made my reputation, people always ask me to do it now.

  15. i think that's also taugh on dvd from E ,hehe
  16. Stigmata!!

    I had a friends mom ask if i believed in the devil after i performed stigmata

    I love it
  17. I would say tear in blood in your eyes. The instruction was given in the first or second issue of Street Magic Magazine. It's a reputation maker!
  18. laced, frozen and gecko

    got me so popular so fast throughout my school
  19. I would say.... Having a personality! That I don't even need to do magic to have a reputation.


  20. ohhh well in that case

    mines being 16 and 6 foot 6

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