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  1. Why were you locked in a room with him?!?
  2. Sometimes Papercrane like to lock a couple of their people in a room and place keys to the door in each persons spleen for a saw-esque celebrity death match type web series they'll be putting out late 2010.

    Watch out for the episode with Eric Ross and myself; It's where our gang 'the Hot Mamas' was formed in an effort to rebel against the system.


    p.s. Go right ahead, ask Eric about 'the Hot Mamas' he'll tell you where it's at.
  3. Here is the first review from the cafe

    Why people aren't talking about these more, I don't know! I decided to go on a Dan Haus binge and watched each Volume one after the other. First thing I have to mention is the sheer amount of stuff crammed into each volume. There's just SO many effects on these. The teaching is just top notch and incredibly in depth. The gimmicks are absolutely ingenious. The first effect on Vol 1 will take a little time to make but geez is it awesome! Some of these really could have been put out as single trick effect. My personal favourite and worth the price of the whole set is Dan's second lace effect FOOTLOOSE. You know how you type down LOL but very rarely actually Laugh out Loud. Well I WOL. WOWED out loud!. It's such a stunning effect and one that in the right circumstance will blow minds. Why this hasn't been on a TV special I will never know. Such a simple effect that is just breathtaking. I'll pop up some more in-depth thoughts. Some ideas on these sets are just that, ideas. Not fully developed but put in our hands to play will and to develop. Everything is practical and workable. More thoughts from me coming soon guy's. But as for Paper Crane Magic, Quality doesn't come any better then this. A sexy release in anyone minds.

    Jamie Daws
  4. Have you ever seen that scene in Happy Gilmore where Ben Stiller is pimping out quilts from the residents? Well it's much like that except Ben is Shaun and we the artist are the residents, we only see sunlight once a year and they bribe us with 15 minutes of air time.;)

    All the artist here help each other on effects, ideas, and presentation much like a family so I had the pleasure of throw some of my two sense in and vice versa for Dan. I just watched the trilogy for the first time yesterday and Papercrane as usual did a tremendous job on the production side of it and Dan brought his A game you won't be dissappointed.

  5. That's my favorite part of that movie. AWWW your fingers hurt well now your back is gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duties.
  6. After viewing the downloads, this is all I have to say:

    "There are no words to describe the creative force before Dan Hauss. His out-of-the-box thinking, and his out-of-this-world workings behind his effects makes him like no other out there. He's like the prize in a cereal box, you don't know what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be good!"
  7. After I view all the material on the downloads I will be posting a review. I have only watched watched 1 volume so far, and all I can say is they should have charged much more for all the information you are receiving, it is incredible all the effects so far. I will get the review out soon.
  8. Heres a review from the cafe

    Alrighty, I've made my way through all 3 volumes.

    Overall, I feel similar to Gospel Dan about this set. You're getting a peek into Dan's brain, complete with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    There are a lot of interesting ideas in here, some of which I love, and some of which I don't care for as much. However, even the effects that I don't think I'll perform sparked an idea, or opened my mind to a new method.

    As previously mentioned, there are a lot of 'craft' projects on here. So if you're strictly an improptu kind of person, the material probably isn't for you. Non of the gaffs or gimmicks are particular hard or fancy. They'll just take a few minutes and some household items.

    Some effects are performed for audiences, some are performed just for the camera, and others are just explained. Some are presented as ideas for you to play with and develop, and others are presented as full effects/routines.

    Some of my favorites across all 3 volumes are Unmatched, Laced, Puff/Smoke, Coin and Marker Transpo, Footloose, and Fake Take from Box. There are some other solid ideas, these just stand out as some favorites. I've already made the gimmick for Unmatched and tried the effect out for several people, and the responses have been strong. So it's definitely a winner for me.

    Footloose is an amazing effect, with an equally clever method. This easily could have sold as a single-trick release and been worth the $20-30 it would've sold for. I was glad to see it in here.

    There are sections on all 3 DVDs where Dan talks about his inspiration for an effect, his creative process, etc. I always enjoy getting some artist insight beyond just the effects and methods.

    For those who can only go for one volume right now, I'd suggest Volume 3. For me, it had the most amount of material that I think I'd actually use.

    If you purchase the set, I don't think you'll be disappointed. You'll get some effects you'll want to use immediately, some that you'll probably never use, and others that will spark your own ideas. Dan will certainly impress you with his out-of-the-box thinking and get your creative wheels turning.

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