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  1. Hi guys

    Am searching for a good dvd that teaches some riffle stacking,looked in books and so,but since my english isnt that perfectd am afraid that i dont understand the technique in the proper way.I do personally like R. paul wilson and Jason england and i have heard about Richard turner and Damian Nieman(fast company dvd).If anyone of you has an interesting dvd and you would recommend me it would be very nice.

    Best regards

  2. Fulves has a few books on Riffle Stacking I believe.
    Paul Wilson teaches it a little in Unreal Work.
    And I believe I not quite sure I cant remember but I think Turner teaches it on his Shuffle and Stacking DVD.

    Riffle Stacking is great. I love it.

  3. wow i just bumped an old one on one ideas thread to give riffle stacking as an idea.

    anyways i learned the little bit of riffle stacking that i know from Allan Ackermans advanced card control Vol. 5 shuffle work.
  4. I personally don't think you need to be taught how to riffle stack. You shuffle a specific number of cards in between other cards. Practice it. That's it. Practice holding back cards by feel, without looking. This makes the whole process smoother and gives the benefit of not having to look at the cards. That's, in my opinion, all you need to know.
  5. I kinda developed a technique on riffle stacking and so far i havent seen it from anybody,so am trying to develop my own technique,but i think if a proffesional teaches you how to do it,its not only about the practice but also notions,moments where should go slow or not beeing suspiciouos.

    Thx for the comments guys :)
  6. I have the Richard Turner Dvd Science of shuffling and stacking and I love the dvd, I got it more because Im a fan of Mr. Turners, I usually favor books. I have all of them. Its worth taking a look at.

    Everyone has their own style on riffle stacking. I just use to lay the amount of cards I needed to make the stack work. When I saw Richards Dvd he did his stacking diffrently.

    I have read a few people rave about weapons of a card shark dvd that teaches stacking but I havent seen it yet so I cant comment

    Not many books or vids at least good ones on stacking. Good luck in your quest bro


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