RIOT performed by dR+Review

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dontavius+R, Nov 3, 2008.

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    I can't help but to be curious to what exactly he said.
  2. well before this video the cloning was kinda subtle.but now... woah. all out.

    but besides that, i have no idea how to do riot. and that still fried me.
  3. PS,

    I enjoyed the effect itself, and if you want to perform in black and white, and wear a beanie I am more than happy.

    The movements you make before, and after though are completely ridiculous. They are exactly what D+M does. At least if you want to be inspired by him, dont do it as such a carbon copy.

    Take inspiration from Madison, but dont copy. I would love to see you attempt to be yourself, while using a bit of a spin of a the 'Madison Style,' at the moment though it is very much a mirror image.

    Hope this makes sense,

  4. Simply put, everytime you post a video, hreads are going to turn into this. So it's in everyones best interests if you start being original.
  5. I doubt anyone here is really all that original. All the videos I've seen (my own included) contain plenty of cliché. Daniel Madison really isn't all that innovative stylistically. His promo work is contrived, and his performance style, presentation, and patter are no different than any other guy with a deck of cards... although his technique is considerably more refined and polished.

    Anyone bashing dR's lack of originality should either put up or shut up.
  6. Goudinov, there is performing with an influenced style from a number of performers and then there is direct plagiarism, D+r falls in to the later.
  7. I think much has been said on the style and I agree with Blink. It's cool to be inspired by ones style but don't copy. I chuckled when you pointed at your head. Aside from that I didn't like the performance of Riot at all. I found that it looked like you were having a seizure when you were shaking the deck. Try making that movement a lot smoother.

    Not bad though.

  8. leave him alone!

    if he likes daniel madison then let him like daniel madison!

    ...." oh but but but, hes such a d+m wanna be!, anyway, as I was saying about ricky jay and aaron fisher"....

    seriously, if he wants to not make video edditing like d+m let him, he can do what he wants, when he wants to.

    and why do you people care anyway? ...."oh but, theirs no imagination, hes not doing it right, I mean, you wanna be a clone then thats fine with me but DONT BE A CLONE, be ricky jay or aaron fisher"....

    (I like aaron fisher and ricky jay, im just writing what seems to go on alot around here).

    and DONT tell me im imature either, because I unlike SOME other people dont mind who copies who... even though im like totally completly imature :)

    (Im not trying to offend anyone, im just speaking in general of whats on my mind, and the video was quite funny)
  9. I won't say anything about the D+M thing, but you flashed big time at the beginning of the first RIOT.
  10. I guarantee you that none of the people dR performs for are going to say "You're a Daniel Madison clone!", ...unless he's only performing for magicians, and that would be the only thing I would criticize. People who only perform for magicians aren't magicians at all. And if ripping off someone's style was considered plagiarism, then half the entertainers in this world would be out of work.

    I'm not blind, I've been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and I see why people are up in arms about this, but it's really silly to make it into this big of a deal, because this is really small scale compared to what's permissible elsewhere.
  11. well you ARE 13, so technically.... :p

    your post was very chris crocker-esque...
  12. First of all I don't think he made that video to show laymen, due to the fact that he posted it on these forums.

    I cant remember the last time I seen a performer copy, as D+r has, so directly. Unless they are professional impersonators.

    Lastly, I dont think this is a big deal, I'm not saying "OMG hes copyin DM so bad, burn him!" I'm just commenting on the exact imatation of DM.
  13. Ok, youtube isn't even working for me, so I haven't seen the video. But... I have read every post in this thread.
    Read Blink's post, he makes the point perfectly, try not to be a complete copy but inspiration is fine.
    And also I'm sorry but the amount of flourishing videos that look exactly like Dan and Dave's style is unbelievable.
    Another point is that I'm sure DR's video how ever much of a copy it is, is more interesting than watching a shoulder down shot of a patterless video of some random card trick. If you must perform without an audience, then try and do it so it's interesting, a brilliant example here being Ben Long's Redline video, respect for that video mate. :)
    Anyway that's getting off track, so back on to the topic, take inspiration but try to add your own flare to your videos, let some of your personality show.
    Ok, sorry if that seemed like a rant and some bashing, just putting some thoughts down.

    Let's keep it happy. :)
  14. As LBarnes said, that's probably the stupidest thing I've heard considering he is posting his link on a website to be critiqued by magicians.
  15. It's true. like i said i dont really care, if he wants to be like d+M so be it.
  16. We are all going to be mature people from here on out, and attempt to not reference anything about dM and dR's style.

    Regardless of his style, he is still a performer, and fellow brother, and should be treated as such.

    Let's try and keep the responses targeted at the critique of the EFFECT, and drop the arguing.

    Everyone cool? Cool.


    P.S No one here needs to get the last word and defend themselves about any post they made regarding anything involving the words clone, copy, or impersonation.
  17. You's guys are great. It's common sense that arguments should be kept off the forum, why is he any different? He's a regular poster and is privvy to all the same rules as everyone else
  18. I sincerely hope someone has banned the people who deserve to be banned in this thread.

    I'm not even sure what sinful did to deserve this but calling him a tool and throwing subtle homosexual references at him isn't a decent way to solve it.

    Keep in mind I have no dislike for anyone in this thread but I do think some of you are being rediculous and do deserve to be banned and if you feel the need to lash out at me for saying that then please shoot me a PM.

    If you are so compelled to feed your ego first then by all means lash out at me in this thread and I will respond via PM.

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    One night in Justin Miller's's chat, I was on the phone with him. He was joking about things I wasn't really saying and he called me a tool in a joking voice. Some users on here took that seriously and that's where the whole "I'm a tool" thing started... I told Justin I wasn't mad at him, but at the people on here. He told me he wouldn't do it again. You see, there is no room for jokes on here. One person jokes and you get stabbed in the back for it.

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