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  1. Rising Card by Chris Kenner

    The Official Spam-


    As most of us already know, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this app and when it would be released, first being denied by Apple, then the review process taking an extraordinarily long time (as is tradition with Apple and their App store review process).

    However, thanks to a lot of communication between theory11, Chris Kenner, and Phil Schiller, this App is finally on the market. And it was well worth the wait!


    What better way to officially kick off a review than with the price!? I don't think this App is overpriced (although I'm sure many were expecting the traditional $.99 that the App store is known for). For the modest $2.99, you get a great app that is fully functional (no bugs as of yet), and does everything that it claims to do.


    Like I said before, this App does everything that it is advertised to do. Your spectator can name ANY card, they can open the app, and they can shake the phone. I'm a little, umm... "protective" of my phone, so I hold it, and I'm just very open about opening up the App and shaking it. I'm just not comfortable giving somebody my iPhone and having them shake it... thereby taking the risk of them dropping it.

    Anyway, I kind of got off subject, but the point is- this App does everything it is advertised to do.


    The method of this App is very close to being diabolical. I don't want to give anything away, but it doesn't rely on Voice Control, moving your fingers around on the screen to "write" the card, or anything silly like that. It's absolutely 100% fail-proof. Again, I don't want to give anything away, but there's really no way of screwing this up... at least not a way of screwing it up that you could blame on the App itself... or the developer for that matter.


    This trick couldn't be any simpler. They name a card, you bring out your phone, open the App, and the card rises out of the deck. There are no funny moves, no sleight of hand or anything that even resembles sleight of hand, and nothing to arouse suspicion from the spectators. This would be a good thing for a beginner magician to have. It's so easy that they could really concentrate on the performance.


    As have been pointed out in other threads, there are a few flaws that come with this App. One big one is that they need to come out with an iPod Touch version, and an iPhone version. Or at least make it changeable from within the settings of the App. If you're using an iPod Touch, it might make it difficult to pull of with tech-savvy spectators.

    Another minor, minor flaw that is personal to me is the picture of the deck of cards. It's very high quality, but I'm not diggin' the hand that's holding it. I would have preferred a deck of cards just "floating" there. Maybe in the next update they can lose the hand- I know that would make it better for me!


    Obviously, there is the standard performance for this App- spec names a card, you open the App and the card rises out of the deck. However, I bought this App for that reason, plus one other big one.

    Number One- A lot of times I don't carry a deck of cards, coins, etc. around with me. Normally I have my iPhone, my wallet, my keys, and my Swiss Army Knife in my pockets... there's usually not even enough room for any magic props! Occasionally I carry a few rubber bands around my wrist for Crazy Man's Handcuffs, but not very often. This App provides me with a trick that I can show people any time, any where, whenever. That will definitely come in handy most days when I get requests for a performance, but don't have any magic props!

    Number Two- A lot of magicians have been known to carry around an Invisible Deck to use as an "out". Meaning, if they say, "Is this your card?", and the spectator says, "No.", you can always whip out your Invisible Deck, and reveal that their actual card was the only facedown card in the faceup deck. However, I have never been a fan of carrying around 2+ decks of cards with me. That's where this App comes in. Instead of revealing the card in an Invisible Deck, I can reveal it through this App! Awesome!

    Test Performances-

    So far I have done 2 test performances with this App (one for a few friends, and one for my little brother). Both went over very well, although my performance wasn't the best that it could be, but of course that isn't any fault of the App's. So far, it gets my big ole' star of approval!


    This was a great purchase, and I recommend it to any and all magicians that have an iPhone or iPod Touch! It was well worth every cent, and I can tell a lot of hard work went into this! To everyone involved in the development, production, and release of this App: THANK YOU for finally releasing a quality magic Application for the iPhone/iPod touch! I have been waiting for this for a long time, and I am very satisfied with it!
  2. Great Review!! :) I purchased it this morning and I'm loving it.
    Yes I think in the next update they should have an option for the Ipod Touch.
  3. I agree- I think they would get more buyers that way. I also think that they maybe should have included in the description that it won't look as good on the iPod Touch, and then changed that when they updated it. I have an iPhone so I'm not worried about it too much, though!
  4. My first thought (and I don't own an iPhone but many of my friends do) was exactly what you said the method isn't. So what is there to convince the specs that isn't how it is done? I find it hard to imagine that anyone with knowledge of IPhone wouldn't think you used the touch pad somehow.
  5. The beauty of it is that you can pull out your phone so the screen is facing them, unlock it, scroll to the Rising Card App, and go from there. They see everything.
  6. I will be honest, I originally had my doubts about the usefulness of this app, but I decided to take the plunge and so bought it earlier today. I was shocked at how well structured and thought out the app was - not just in method but in design and instruction. I would recommend it to any iPhone user, I really enjoy it.

    One snag I found however, was that the screens are very similar after the swipe. It would make more sense I find, if the second screen was perhaps of a different set of apps (instead of the home screen again).

    Other that this, I think it's utterly brilliant!

    Great review,
  7. What do they see when you go to the Rising Card App? Does it look like a legitimate App if you were to show it in a list of 3 or more? Does it say "rising card app" or something similar? I'm actually starting to become interested in this even though I don't own the phone, I have the service and looking to upgrade soon.
  8. It looks like any other App, and says "Rising Card" underneath it. When they open it, they see the picture of the deck of cards. They shake the iPhone / iPod Touch, and the card rises from the deck.
  9. I sent a link to by brother. He's into magic and is iPhone-savy/owns one. Hopefully, he'll get it and let me know what he thinks. I do think that there is no possible way Kenner could have entered into an agreement with Apple unless there are more Apps in store.
  10. Why do you think that? The Dev software is $99 for the standard and $299 for the Enterprise... I think Chris Kenner can afford that. There's not really an "agreement" people enter, they buy the SDK, develop the App, test it, and submit it. You don't have to wheel and deal with Apple, really.
  11. I agree with that... hopefully they'll include that and the iPod Touch version with the next update!
  12. Why would it not work on the itouch, and should I buy it on the touch?
  13. It works wiht an iTouch, but some cosmetics in the app it self will jump out to the 'Nerds'. ;)
    I think themes would be cool, like you can change the deck, etc. An option to remove the hand. iPod Touch version, and more variation of the apps.


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