Roughing Fluid

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by infinitij13, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. how do you apply roughing fluid to cards. mine wont stick together
  2. You follow the instructions. Spray it on and let it dry...
  3. just one coat?
  4. Yep, that worked for me. Make sure you spray them with the card propped up, maybe leaning on a card board box or something. You just spray from the top down, like spray paint.
  5. Oh and one more thing. I'm double posting to make sure you see this. Be careful not to inhale it to much, not good for your lungs.
  6. If you can, spray it on outside on a nice calm sunny day, you know those ones, usually had in summertime. Make sure its not windy though.

    HAHA :D
  7. Haha, well you most definitely don't want to do it inside.
  8. Spray all backs. Do it outside, I did it in the garage and I smelled like ****! :D

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