Routine Creation - Help for a move

Apr 4, 2018
Hi there !

I am revisiting a Bebel's routine and I need some help with a move :

1. I got 3 cards palmed in left hand (regular palming).
2. I'm grabbing the card's box in left hand (to cover my posture) and show it's empty.
3. While I'm returning the card's box to shake it down (and show nothing comes out) or while I'm closing the box, I need to fit the 3 cards into the box.
This 3rd point makes me nervous because I didn't manage to make a neat and natural move so far while putting those back.

Does anyone here could guide me to some resources I could watch and finalized my routine?

Thanks in advance,

Apr 4, 2018
I've learned that routine years ago and I can copy it move by move no bother.
Now I try to do it a different way and I'd like to "really" put back into a deck's box 3 cards that are palmed in left hand.
Dec 10, 2017
There is a move where you can effectively put the cards back into the box between the tuck flap and the box. Some of the card will be showing where the thumb indentation is but that is quite easy to cover and always goes under the radar. If you shake the box so you show nothing's in it you could then close the box and in that process slip the cards into the box, wait a beat, then open the box and show the cards have moved into the box. Just an idea. This move needs some misdirection. You could potentially try to develop it so you close the box with your right thus distracting them to your right hand. Then flip the box over and switch to lateral palm and do sort of a sideways waving motion with your left (justified as a 'magic' gesture). At that moment you are slipping the cards in... Not sure.
Jul 28, 2015
Maybe put a slit in the box and instead of using a classic palm to load the cards you can use a gamblers cop...
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