Russian Roulette

Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
Hey everyone a while ago i bought Russian Roulette i think its a good effect scares many people its accually recommended by Jay Noblezada that you should perform this unless you are 120% sure that you are confident in your method.
ive been practicing this for a while and i decided to give it ago.

i decided to do the impromptu version now i told my brother to move the cups around behind my back i turned around i started to perform i was pretty confident with the method i was using and slammed the first cup he jumped back.
i asked him to move them around again and now i chose the middle one but it the last second switched to the last one her apsolutley balony and chessed himself i swear he almost had a heart attack i asked him if he was ok he goes thats so cool maybe you should put it on youtube i said maybe we will see and walked of i saw him looking under the middle cup and just leaning back.

i wanted to see if anyone here has this effect if so have you ever performed it or are you practicing it and if you havent seen a performance of this here is a youtube link.

another thing if you are thinking of buying this be serious this isnt something you want to stuff around with you dont wamt to end up with a nail or a knife through your hand.


Mar 6, 2008
youre asking people to turn it off
but cant you tell youtube that the video is age restrictive
so that they put up a page saying enter your age?
Aug 31, 2007
Newton, MA
Ya, this is not russian roulette, however, there is a cool video on the Cafe secret sessions of russian roulette with a airsoft gun. Very cool stuff.

This looks similar to a variation I use, which can really only be done with Foam Cups.

If not, well maybe its not as good.

I use something which is 100% safe.

If you messing with a sharp dangerous object, no method is 100% safe, yes it could be 99% safe, but there is still a chance that something could go wrong.

I read somewhere on here, that some one uses eggs instead of sharp objects.

Cheers, Tom
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