Sad, Yet Hilarious

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Oh man, I definitely lol'd for real.
  2. That's crazy! Where can I get that?!

  3. Yo that's so totally 80s.
  4. BACK UP THE TRAIN! Is that an actual book?
  5. that why magicians dont get second dates, lol

    thats great.

    and the little kid.

  6. Probably, but it is most likely a VCR tape.
  7. OMG I loved that!
    The little kid in the end was hilarious.
  8. Wt...
    That's almost repulsive.
    Hilarious, but repulsive. Hah.

  9. Wasn't that the first official trailer of "How To Do Street Magic"?
  10. burn!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I would not be too surprised. I loved that first vanishing trick he did, though. Great stuff.
  12. PWNAGE! if he could only vanish that hair.....
  13. Can't breathe....

    Too much laughing....

    ... "I'm not a weirdo." ....Ummmm. Yes. Yes you are.
  14. If anyone wants to get it, it's sold right HERE. LOL

    Here is one of the testimonials...

    ""Hey, this stuff isn't just for men. I used Flirting with Magic to meet two hunks. Now, one is my boyfriend and the other is my lover (Shhh. Don't tell!)" - Jill, 25

    And here is what it says near the bottom of the page...

    "Opening Lines, How to Create Rapport, Communication Tips, A Summary of all the Tricks on the Video, and much, much more!"



  16. Hasn't this been posted before?

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