Sandwich Showdown

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    Anyone want to challenge me with a sandwich trick that is unique but uses another already created move?
  2. ?

    Are you positive that your trick was accepted? You wouldn't want to start a contest and offer a prize, then not be able to deliver.
  3. My trick is a sandwich effect I have been playing with for a couple of weeks. I perfected the routine so I could enter your contest! I thought about submitting it to the Wire, but I finally didn't, mainly because the effect is really hard to perform, and I doubt that the Wire is full of move monkeys willing to spend a lot of time perfecting a single trick.
    This effect uses a move that has already been created. To respect the creator, I will not name the move here. PM me it you did not recognize it.

    So here's my entry:

    Best regards,

    Marc-Antoine Denis

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