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  1. I am going to buy a few magic tricks from Sankey but I cannot decide which one and I can't get all of them because I'm on a budget. Here's a list of the tricks/products I'm looking at:
    -Sankey 2015
    -Anytime Anywhere
    -Extremely Ambitious

    These are the main ones I can't decide between but if you have any other suggestion that you think is better then by all means please let me know.

    Thank you.

    By the way, my budget is a maximum of $100.
  2. If your budget is $100, I would recommend getting

    -The Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue
    -Expert Card Technique by Hugard and Braue
    -The Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase

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  3. 'Anytime Anywhere' was the first Sankey product (and in fact first magic DVD*) I bought. Lots of good stuff on there.

    I recommend it.

    *Note, it is not the first magic product I bought full stop. I'd been into magic 10+ years before I bought a DVD. If you're 'new' then go with Royal Road to Card Magic, Bobo and Mark Wilson's (or Josh Jay's) 'Complete Courses'.

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  4. I like Gabriels suggestion. However if you really want a Sankey product, all you'll ever need is the Definitive Sankey. All three volumes are above your budget but one of them is still way more bang for the buck than any other Sankey product.
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  5. I got Sankey 2015, lots of gimmicks, and cheaper now than last year. But, you never know, there might be a 2016 one...
  6. Great thoughts above. I wasn't happy with Anytime Anywhere. I use paperclipped every gig. I have the paperclipped card in a mini briefcase that I hand out (people love the mystery of what's in the case!), then I introduce a deck of cards, have one selected and signed. I 'teach them' how to cheat at cards with a simple ambitious card routine. After the last move I pack the cards up, thank the table and walk away. People always shout out "What about the case!?!" As an after thought I have them open it up revealing the paper clipped card that was in the case the entire time. I take the case, leave the card, and they lose their marbles as I head to the next table.
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  7. Sankey 2015 is the most comprehensive of your options. You'll learn most of the other techniques on it.

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